WOD: 06-04-2010

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  1. Casey

    Really enjoyed working on push jerk this morning. Can’t wait to see my Girl-rillas!!

    I truly am not sure how many rounds I got. I think the first and second I got 4 and the third round I was two jumps away from 4……I don’t want to talk about that. Dick, you were definitely the rabbit this morning, thanks!

  2. Casey

    So proud of the Girl-rillas today!

    Christina, Rachel and Meredith all got up to 75lbs on Push Jerk!

    Christine jumped on a box for the whole WOD today!!!!

    Crossfit = Results

  3. Linda

    First time- 3 rounds
    Second time- 3 rounds
    Third time- 2 rounds (One stinking box jump away from 3 rounds)
    In the words of Charlie Brown “Good Grief”! But on the positive side I mostly got one more round that I did in January.

  4. Dick D

    Well, I really didn’t think the situps would be the limiter but dang they got to me. Looked like a drunk man trying to get on the box a couple of times. Like some of the Crossfit shirts say..”check your ego at the door.

    Can’t remember what I got on the Push Jerk: 95 or 105 form needs a lot of work.
    WOD: 5 rds, 3 (abreviated rd), 5, 4

    Good morning all around. Struggling with a little back pain from too much time sitting down traveling.