WOD: 06-07-2010

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  1. dick d

    OK so the tank had bad gas from the weekend I guess (too much junk food and adult beverages). I actually felt better on the 3rd round than the 2nd for some reason. I guess there was light at the end of the tunnel and it wasn’t a train anymore.

    Awesome work from everyone and especially the folks that were doing the full cleans. that has got to be twice the work as hang cleans.

    Numbers to follow later. Priorities.

  2. buckeye76

    Great WOD. Felt strong but not enough to clean 95lbs for a minute (x3) after rowing and push-ups. Glad we (the guys) decided to go 75 lbs. Numbers:

    Row – 20 / 18 / 18 (calories)
    Push ups – 40 / 26(?) / 20
    Cleans – 10 / 7 / 7 at 75 lbs (full cleans.)

  3. Gary

    Good workout to start the week. Subconscious was a little anxious considering the Monday Murph we started last week with.

  4. Bear

    Man I felt like I was working out in the mud this morning. Can’t remember exact reps but total count was only 142. Push ups kill my Rep count. Although I did reach another milestone. Lost 44 pounds so far. Thanks to everyone

  5. Tim M

    201 Total but I went with Power Cleans instead of Squat Cleans
    3rd rnd about did me in!

    Yo Nico – where you been hiding? Haven’t seen you in a week!

  6. silverbackmattp

    Tough, I saw some great efforts out there from familiar faces, but really saw some of the new athletes bring the intensity as well.

    Went with Power Cleans @ 95
    Score: 234