WOD 06-08-2010


WOD 06-08-2010

“Cement Mixer”  I could connect this to heavy equipment or deadlift and running create an excellent CrossFit foundation.  The truth is the three movements in combination make me a little queasy and disoriented like the alcohol shot of the same name

4 Rounds for time of:

Run x 400

Deadlift x 10

Atomic Sit Ups x 20

A relay race to get the blood and competitive juices (don't ask) going

New Girl-rilla Marrianne takes on her first heavy front squats with style

An old Russian strength trick, sticking out your tongue will get you another 5 lbs.

The battlefield is prepped

Time to make the doughnuts.

15 Responses

  1. buckeye76

    “Cement Mixer”; this WOD was correctly named. I felt like I was running in cement. Time was 14:56 using 185 lbs for DL.

    Matt, I like the scheme. Looks edgy and ‘urban jungle’ like. Hope that was the look you had in mind.

  2. brad

    Let’s see…sprint, skip, run, row, squat, deadlift, situps….Most gyms would call that a good week. At Crossfit Silverback, we call it “Tuesday”. And I’m spent.

    13:20? 13:40? Can’t remember exactly. What I can remember is trying to run down LeeAnn and not being able to do it. Nice job.

    Dig the new look, Matt.

    1. brad

      Also good to see the testimonials up on the “Results” page.

      Lynn – I’ll do a little facebook work tonight to start publishing the teasers

  3. Linda

    Way to go with the front squats Corri, Leann and Mariann! Couldn’t have gotten my new PR without your encouragement. Did WOD, sharing a deadlift bar with Corri at 115#(Thanks Corri). My time 19:00. Great website Matt!

  4. Bear

    Website looks really cool. WOD sucked really bad. I love to run. Did 205# deadlift and time was 17:37 I think.

  5. Gary

    Burglar alarm woke me twice during the middle of the night, but I didn’t hear the alarm clock for 5am WOD. Go figure. Plan to be there at 5:30 today, if report gets done in time.

  6. Gary

    A little strange working out in the daylight, but still good. Good competition on the row. Close to the finish. Front Squat 1rm PR at 225×3. 15:28m at 205lbs on WOD. Need to push myself to actually run instead of shuffle. Back at it early tomorrow.

  7. silverbackmattp

    14:35 @ 275 I agree with Bear, So many people mentioned the 4 rounds, that struck me how easily you can be nudged out of your CrossFit comfort zone. Also I couldn’t believe how competitive the Rowing Relay got. Christina H and Julie finished the anchor legs for each their respective teams 30 meters apart. (I felt like Jeff Probst on a “Survivor” Challenge) This may have negatively affected their WOD but what great competitors.