WOD: 06-09-2010

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    1. buckeye76

      Time, we did this one on 2/12/10. I did not attend Silverback that day, must have been traveling. Time was 12:12 doing Jackie.

      Happy Birthday Christina.

  1. Gary

    Just wanted to say “Happy Birthday” to my beautiful wife and Silverback partner. Happy Birthday, Christina!

    Will have to meet Jackie tomorrow. Today it’s all about Christina.

      1. Christina

        Matt, you’ll have to give me my present Friday since I already kicked Jackie’s #@* this morning! Ok, maybe she kicked mine.

        Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful birthday thanks to the wonderful man I married!

  2. brad

    Happy birthday Christina.

    Love repeat wods. Looking forward to tonight.

    If anyone is interested in the results of the master’s competition at the regionals, check this out. There are some seriously fit folks at age 50+. Though the Double Under Helen looked a little rough as two thirds of the men’s field DNF http://scores2010.crossfit.com/scoring/masters/

  3. drew

    Looked back at the 12th in the Archives and I did not post a time but clearly (from my post) struggled on pull-ups. Today did a 9:34 I am sure faster than last time just don’t know how much faster.

  4. Casey

    Jackie Schmakie……..not to much for the Girl-rillas……they rocked it!

    Welcome Kamran, Great to have you at 9:30.

    My time @ 5 was 11:04. I took way too many breaks, I’d blame it on the humidity but I don’t want to be a whiner. 2/12 time was 11:34 but I used the purple band so I’d say that’s improvement. I have GOT to get better at rowing……..seriously.

  5. Linda

    Ok, Jackie and I are not BFF’s but as they say in one of my kid’s favorite books.”oh yes, oh yes, we’ll try our best”. In Feb my time was 11:08 but I did ring rows in place of pull ups and 15# bar for thruster, today I used a 20# bar and red banded pull ups. Didn’t get what my stopwatch time was but I would like to say 12 ish minutes by my timex.
    Thanks to my coaches outside,Chris and Zach.
    Mia, Gina, Betsy, Samantha, Julie, way to show how it’s done!
    I haven’t said it for a while but….WHO’S THE MAMA!!

  6. Tim M

    Wasn’t as bad as I thought’d be . . . . . doesn’t mean I liked it though . . . .

    10:25 as Rx’d

  7. brad

    enjoyed working out with Marianne (hope I got that right), Kelly and Jose

    185 PJ
    10:20…..:02 slower than four months ago, but felt like I was burning it down. What up? Paleo is questionable. Not whining, but results are results.

    1. Dick D

      And you aren’t going backwards. I agree with the heat assessment as well. Definitely easier on the body when it’s cooler. So all in all I’d say dropping 2 seconds is a net improvement.

      1. brad

        True, true. Two variables since last effort – diet and heat/humidity. I guess I was expecting some magic mojo from Paleo.

  8. Marianne

    Brad, you are one of the few people that get the spelling of my name right the first time!!! Made my day!!!My time was 13:17 I think and I felt like dying after. I thought I did pretty good on the rowing but that sapped everything I had and I did not have much energy after for the 25# thrusters and pull ups. Thanks for the coaching Matt, Brad, Kelly and Jose. It felt good after in a sick twisted sense

    1. brad

      “felt good after in a sick twisted sense”. Yep, that’s Crossfit. Welcome to the jungle. Very strong effort last night.

  9. Bear

    This WOD was going great until I got tired and dropped the bar and when there’s no plates there’s no room for your toes. Time was 11:48 I think.

  10. drew

    Brad, Paleo works I can assure you. However, there is no magic mojo! Also a paltry two seconds could be from walking slower from the rower to your bar.
    Also could be a difference from morning to afternoon workout. Too many variables! I agree with Dick overall a net gain.

  11. Gary

    Thursday 5am class was small (just two of us), but no lack for sweat and hyperventilation. Enjoyed this WOD. Hit the wall on the 1000m row about the 500m mark. Definitely need work on long distance.

    Posted 9:40m on WOD. Can’t check previous Jackie time, but do know that time was considerably better than last. Always use Drew’s times as a time to beat, came up one PU short. Couldn’t muster the very last one without breaking. Will was there, but muscles weren’t listening. Need to figure out how to claim the remaining 50% of unused muscle mass, as Matt discussed.