WOD: 06-11-2010


WOD: 06-11-2010

“Filthy Dirty Thirty” (12-09-09)

4 rounds of each movement

30 seconds ¬†movement/30 seconds of ¬†“rest” in the static hold

KB Swing / Static pull up bar hang

Push Press/Plank Hold on rings

Box Jumps/Electric Chair (hold at bottom of squat)

Atomic Sit Ups/Hold feet 6 inches off the ground

Courtesy of MFT at Gym Jones

Dick and Gary moving fast on box jumps.

Ahhhh.... The power of prayer at work in the WOD.

It wasn't just box jumps and the "electric chair". No one got off easy during "rest".

9 Responses

  1. drew

    Congrat Casey on an outstanding improvement! I looked up my Jackie from February and improved by a minute and a half and got off the band.

    This morning had trouble holding the “rest” positions. Total rep count was 248.

  2. Gary

    The “rests” always stick out in my mind from the Dirty Thirty. Enjoyed the ring plank hold; first time to do that one. About passed out on the static dead hang. (Good SDH tip from Dick is to look up so blood flows to the brain.) Total rep count was 243. Drew got me by 5 two days in a row.

    Casey, your prayers were answered. Guessing you’re at home modeling your LuLu’s right now.

    1. Casey

      Love my LuLu’s……….I hereby publicly apologize for all the ugly things I said about Christina and announce that I have the absolute best husband in the world!

  3. Casey

    My rep count was 200…. 154 was my previous.

    Okay guys, I’m taking up a collection to get Matt a dictionary……….he clearly does not know the meaning of “rest”. Dude, seriously. Drew, maybe he will let you borrow it to look up “down” AND “back”.

  4. Dick D

    First time that I can remember doing this one. “Fun”.

    Box = 48
    Atomic = 86
    KB = 53
    PP = 63

    Total = 250

    I was smoked. That dead hang almost made me pass out til I figured out to look up so I could breath. The pic of Casey “praying” and Drew…well whatever that face is…was priceless.

    Mowed the grass with the weighted vest after breakfast and a little nap. Not such a smart decision. I think the pool with the kids this afternoon sounds like a much better plan.

  5. corri

    This was my first time for the dirty thirty and I can wait another 6 months to do it again my count was 198

  6. brad

    241 vs 200 in 12/09 (although we may have done a heavier PP then, at least for the men). But it’s progress and I’ll take it.

    Strong crew at 530p

  7. Tim M

    K2E’s were 5-3-4, I need a lot of work on these.

    WOD was:
    BJ=43, ASU=105, KB=44, PP=88

    Good luck at the competition Zach!