WOD: 06-14-2010


WOD: 06-14-2010

“Either Or” Marines often say that no plan survives first contact, we proved that again this morning.  However we are judged on whether or not we accomplish the mission not how rigidly we stick to the plan.  You guys did great this morning.

KB Swings x 20

Run 400m

1 min rest


Hang Power Cleans x 20

Burpees x 20

1 min rest

16 Responses

  1. brad

    I need a partner for “57 Reps for TCH” event. Here are details from the BCCF website; as I understand it, each team combines to do 57 reps for each exercise. Not a long workout.

    As of today we have 20 battle buddy teams. Many of y’all are last minute types of people but you must sign up by Tuesday, June 15 in order to get a shirt, we will order a few extra but not that many. So sign up, pay on line, then email me shirt sizes.

    The 8 exercises are:

    box jumps
    push ups
    sit ups
    push press
    kb swings
    There is no scaled or standard divisions, we will have smaller KB’s and lighter weight for the Push Press so that everyone can participate.

      1. brad

        That’s great. Hadn’t heard from you so wasn’t sure (did you change phone numbers?). No one seems to have a preference on the teams so I’m going to propose we go with Cassie/Laura and Zach/Brad.

      2. laura

        YAY! no I still have same number….just been sort of in a weird recluse mode….due to not working out…because of working so much. I’m not well when I don’t work out…
        I’m back as of tonight though, thanks for checking on me 🙂

  2. laura

    So though I feel like a bum and REALLY am soooo excited to come back to working out, by the looks of last week….I’m super glad that I “picked” (wasn’t really how it went) that week to not come 🙂
    lots of rowing and running it seemed 🙂
    so I’m back starting tonight….630p

  3. Kyle

    Cleans: 95-115-135-145-165(pr) Added 1 more single since it was feeling good and got it!

    45# kbs
    400 m

    2:21, 2:16, 2:19 Thanks Gary for for letting me draft you.

  4. Gary

    Cleans: 135-135-165(pr)-185x
    45#KB/400m: 2:18 – 2:17 – 2:27

    Glad to help out a fellow Silverback. Not sure that my draft actually helped you, considering that you finished that last round 8 seconds in front of me. Had to save a little juice for the next three rounds of HC and Burpees, but we didn’t quite make it there.

    Thought about going back tonight to finish, but have too much to do at the house.

  5. Linda

    60# cleans. 35# KB 3:33, 3:46(thanks to skittish dog ,Pete, at critter fixer), and 3:34. Great group this evening. Welcome back Laura, Nico we miss you and Melissa have a ghirardelli chocolate for me. Ana, will you come tomorrow morning and do all of mama’s burpees for me?