WOD: 06-15-2010


WOD: 06-15-2010

“Either, Or” Say Whaaa…?  Thats right whatever half of the workout you did yesterday, today you get the other end of the stick.  I leave up to athletes which end has something stinky on it.

While the Girl-rillas at 9:30 have a different vibe, the work is just as intense.

Brian possibly reflecting on his "either, or" choice.

Linda, still not an ounce of quit in her.

7 Responses

  1. Laura

    I have to say I liked the cleans/burpees WAYYYYYYYYYY better 🙂
    I don’t remember my times….but the third run was SLLLLOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!
    I’m gonna go run tonight at the park track…gotta change my mind set on running. :/

  2. Laura

    OKEE DOKEE! so I have signed Cassie and I up for the 57 WOD competition 🙂 We are officially commited now…..

  3. Linda -wife of Conan

    Ok Head Gorilla sir ,stop reading from here and go straight to the results area. OK, now for the rest of you . . . . BURPEES ARE NOT MY FRIEND”. There it is, out there and I can just accept that and go forth. Yes, I just realized that Head Gorilla knows where my cow/goat is tied up at. Great group this morning and nice meeting Nina and Cathy (or is it with a “k”). My times: 3:43, 3:5? and 3:5?

    Aw, now I feel bad after seeing the picture. Thanks Matt

  4. brad

    KB/run 2:17, 2:33, 2:39

    Props to Trent and Samantha as I could not run them down on the last round. Dangit.

  5. Tim M

    Did 115# OHS, new PR!

    Cln/Brpe: 1:59, 2:??, 1:58

    Went quick cuz too light a load for the cleans. But I still agree w/Linda; Burpees suck!

    Way to go Anthony & Garrett! Gotta get Garretts girlfriend doing it next time – Crossfit isn’t a spectator sport!