WOD: 06-16-2010

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  1. laura

    I will be there tonight OR tomorrow at 5am to do my row….. just so everyone knows I’m NOT skipping out 🙂 Have a great day!

    1. Dick D

      great morning. Was it just me or was the little voice in the back of everyone’s mind saying “no, don’t sit down on the rower! It’s an evil creature and you don’t want to tussle with him.” It didn’t get any better either as the row progressed through 500, 1000 or 1500.

      Old Man: 7:45 2K row (pr)
      Chris : 8:16 (I think)

      Christopher quote of the day “I can’t pick up my glass of milk. It hurts too much”.
      I guess he needs to invest in some straws! Love it.

  2. Gary

    Good times, Drew. Missed the 2kRow last time. 8:14m. Couldn’t keep it under 2:00 splits. Have to work hard on that. Enjoyed the Navy Seal Complex combination of pull ups and push ups.

      1. Gary

        don’t fret (too much). Minus several pull up from complex, but add in diamond push ups for a good substitute.

      2. laura

        yes Brad…..GREAT stuff 🙂 and all this time I thought diamonds were a girls best friend 😉 ha! not in terms of pushups!

  3. Bear

    Had a brain fart on the rower so I could only get my average for the 500m. 1.54. So I’m going with 7.36 for the 2K. Last time I did in 7.51. Small improvement.

  4. buckeye76

    The “Suck Factor” was extremely high, as you can tell on my face. Rowed the 2k in 7:39, shaving approx :33 seconds from the April 4, WOD.
    Kudos to Lynn for her sub 10:00 row. Her goal for today was to row it under 10 ans she accomplished that. I think her time was 9:3? (?)

  5. brad

    How you guys and gals rowed a pr after 42 pullups and 120 pushups (with little rest) is beyond me. And sub 8? Amazing.

    The 530p crew was inspiring. Everyone gave it everything they had.

    Yep. Dug the new version of NS pulls and pushes. Just not before a 2k row. 8:09

  6. Linda

    Surprised with all the rowing we weren’t half way to Haiti. My 2K time today was 9:44 and in April it was 9:24. Didn’t know you could hit a wall in rowing but I did around the 1K area. Great evening group.

    1. Bear

      Linda the heat probably has something to do with it. And surley all the pull ups and push ups didn’t help

  7. drew

    Looked back at the last 2K rown and I rowed a 7:06 about the same speed as this time but all we did prior to the row was a clinic and it was about 100 degrees cooler!