WOD: 06-17-2010

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  1. buckeye76

    Matt, I woke up this morning in Alice, Texas thinking how much I liked your spin on the Navy Seal Complex. I absolutely felt the combo pull-up / push-up in my chest, back, and shoulders.
    Nice twist.

    1. silverbackmattp

      That post ended up far better than most that start with ” I woke up this morning in Alice, TX”

  2. Linda

    Ok, I go to post my time to my account “Beyond the Whiteboard” and because I was 20 sec. longer a little unhappy face is posted next to my time. Now really is that necessary? Does that little icon know the push/pull ups I did before the row? Was that icon aware that it was June in Houston? How fast can that little icon row? Thanks for hearing out my tiny tantrum.

    1. Tim M

      Welcome back Melissa, hope you enjoyed Vegas!

      BTW . . . . there’s a rower with your name on it & it’s anxious to hear ALL about how much fun & how much bad food you ate

  3. Melissa

    yes, i went to vegas first then san francisco. I had fun with my sister and my nephews. Now back to business. =D

  4. laura

    WELL I DID IT! I did my first 2k row! time was 8:28
    I still don’t like rowing but I am proud that I went and did it and didn’t skip out.

    1. brad

      Laura – You don’t like it. We get it. But you’re good at it. Enjoy the pain. And nice job.

      Proud of my daughter tonight. After the Navy Seal business, she wanted nothing to do with the Concept 2 but did it anyway.

      1. laura

        HAHA! thanks yall! I am proud of Emily too! That was not a small task for any of us….I wonder if I might like it better in the water! prolly not! πŸ˜‰
        I’m gonna try to be there at 5am I work both jobs tomorrow so it’ll be a long day starting it at 415a but I’ll TRY πŸ˜‰