WOD: 06-18-2010

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  1. drew

    Good job this morning everyone. I think Lynn and Cassie both set new PRs on deadlift. I also set a new 1RM today of 415lbs. When I went to 425 it felt like I had jumped up to 1000lbs! Just couldn’t get it off the ground.

    Did 275lb on the WOD and time was 6:38.

  2. buckeye76

    Will not make the 17:30 class, worked out this morning.

    2 mile run, 60 push-ups, 100 flutter kicks / atomic sit-ups, military press with 50 lbs dumbbells 45 reps.

    Congrats to Lynn for the new PR on deadlift, she broke through the 155 lb barrier and DL 165.

  3. brad

    Attention all Silverbacks and Girl-illas. I’m going to be compiling information on and coordinating our participation in future events, competitions, etc. I will be searching around on my own but if there are specific events you’d like our community to know about, drop me an email at [email protected]

    Right now, in the SE TX area I can only find the Crossfit Houston Girls Only Challenge on July 10 (sold out), and the Spartan Race in Navasota on 10/3/10 (spartanrace.com). Sounds similar to the Warrior Dash that Zach did. $50 if you sign up before Aug 23. I’m doing that one.

    So send me ideas. What about a throwdown against a local box – CFC, Point Break or The Woodlands?

    1. LAURA

      The spartan one is a 5k “obstacle run” including jumping over/thru fire…..
      check out the site Brad listed..it shows the course pretty well.

  4. Bear

    Missed y’all this morning. We’re in the big apple. Gonna work out at the same place Leslie did whille she was here. See y’all Wednesday

    1. LAURA


  5. Tim M

    Way 2 go Gary, Chris, and everyone else who set a 1RM-PR today!

    I meant to give a call-out yesterday to Brad – way to go on your 500m row PR!!!

    Did 315 for my 1RM; 20#’s less than last time – guess I’ve been running too much and lifting too little for the past 3 months.

    Did the WOD in 5:25 w/205#

  6. Gary

    Thanks for the coaching and encouragement, Tim. Broke my previous 1RM by 50 lbs with 355, felt like I have more in reserve. 7:04m WOD at 225 lbs. Remind me to bring a towel for the next 5:30pm class I go to.

    Congrats to Christina for also getting a new PR.

  7. brad

    Been a long time since I PR’d a DL. Finally. 390 lb

    Wod 5:35 @ 235

    Props to both the young Chris dudes. Both set PRs and by huge numbers.