WOD: 06-19-2010 SATURDAY


WOD: 06-19-2010 SATURDAY

9:00 AM: Always fun and competitive workout today was no different.  Here’s what happened.

Divide into teams of 4 athletes, one athlete per station rotating through the stations on completion of reps by the slowest team member.

KB swings x 20

Wall Balls x 20

Row for calories


Three rounds

Subtract team total of calories from time 1 cal = 1 sec.

7am Fun de Mentals always good to learn more and lift heavy.

Dick and Brad in action!

Dick and Brad inaction.

Marianne brings the intensity!

Is it hot, OH YEAH. But this crew understands, we are not here to endure, but excel.

7 Responses

  1. drew

    Rest? What rest… Good job Jim, Gary and Steve. We were just a bit slower. Our score was 451. Brad make sure you read tomorrows post from Matt.

    Happy Fathers Day!

    1. brad

      What, are you psychic? Living in a different time dimension? You’re a time traveling alien? Ah, yes, that would explain your otherwordly lifts and times…

      Jim, Gary, Steve – Don’t know how you beat us so badly, esp when I got Dick and Drew as partners. I must have been the weak link.

  2. Linda

    I second Drew’s “Rest, What rest?”. My team LeeAnn, Chris and Kyle kept me hopping from station to station. Our time was 11:22 but then I got lost with the calculations of 1 cal=1second etc. I just say- we finished. Melissa, missed you and hope you feel better soon.

  3. Dick D

    Amazing how much better you feel after good quality food and sleep.

    Matt, I love mornings like this. I know it’s time consuming teaching us but for me it is absolutely essential. Basics, basics, basics! I look forward to the day when your box is so busy that you can live the dream and do only crossfit.

    Tim, great job on instruction this morning.

    Brad, I was probably the weak link. I felt like I was rowing through cement.

    To all, I can’t explain the excitement I had when I pulled up and saw so many cars in the lot for a Saturday fundemental/WOD session. This place is really taking off. I feel fortunate to be able to experience something this exciting and watching it develop/grow.

    Stepping down from the soap box now.

  4. Kyle

    Oh yeah. Two PR’s this morning. Back Squat 255, barely missed 265. Deadlift, 310. Met year end goal of 300, so now its 350. Wall ball really sucked after squatting and deadlifting.