WOD: 06-21-2010

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  1. Gary

    Good job pulling it together this morning, Casey and Brad.

    Posted a PR 22 dead-hangs (no kipping). 10:14m on WOD. Casey, you’re going to have to share some of that high octane fuel you’re filling your tank with – after you blew by me on that last 400m. Felt like I was running in 2 ft of snow. I thought you didn’t like running.

    See you tonight at the moving party. Glad we didn’t do deadlifts again today, considering we’re going to lifting 100lb boxes of books.

    After last week’s deadlifts, my lower back has been feeling it. My kids have gotten a kick out of giving me backrubs for Father’s Day this weekend, and making Dad groan in pain. (What they don’t know is that after 6mos of crossfit, Dad actually enjoys the pain now. Don’t tell them.)

    Also, shout out to my wife, Christina, for her very first kipping pull-up this morning!! Proud of her. Her goal was to accomplish that by end of the summer.

  2. Gary

    Also set another PR this morning with a time of 15:20m (from time my feet hit the floor to the time my feet hit the ground running for warmups.) Didn’t hear the alarm clock and woke up at 4:46a. Barely made it in time for 400m warmups. This means I can get an extra 25m of sleep every night = 1 hr 40m extra sleep each week!

    1. Niko

      Dealing with some personal issues. God willing, I’ll be back in the Box. I miss all of you and hope to see you soon.

      1. laura

        I’m sorry Niko. I hope you are ok. Let me know if you need anything…I’ll do my best to help if I can 281-658-6059 🙂
        chin up friend 🙂

  3. brad

    26 DHPU and 9:39

    Casey, for the record, I did plan on coming back tonight and doing the wod. But since the group was done at 5:45 and I was already there…. And also for the record, it’s no fun doing the wod solo in front of an audience. Not when you got Jim and Drew “encouraging” you throughout the box jumps and ASUs. I can’t remember all the insults that Jim tossed out but they achieved the desired objective.

    1. buckeye76

      Mission accomplished. The best I had was something about an injured gerbil and his spinning wheel moving faster than you at the ASU.

  4. drew

    Was fun chasing Jose around the building this morning. My time was 9:17. His was much faster!

    Brad, I am sorry you did not enjoy our coaching. We were just trying to help. Next time just don’t listen 😉

  5. Kyle

    19 DHPU- no assist, up a couple. 11:27, last rnd hurt. Will be back in the a.m.

    Marianne- 20green, 3purple, 6green. 14:02