WOD 06-24-2010


WOD 06-24-2010

Still “NICOLE”.  Why? If you train here, YOU TRAIN HARD.  Whithin your  ability level, but right up to the edge of it.  That kind of work requires good nutrition and rest.  While I haven’t perfected my sugar activated Tazer implant yet, I can schedule the same WOD on Wed and Thur to encourage you to take one of those days off and return ready to breathe fire.

2 Responses

  1. brad

    Identical FS performance as on 6/8 – 3RM @ 205, but only 2x @ 215. Maybe go for 210 next time? Going to have to take smaller bites now if I want to PR

    wod – 6 rounds, 76 pullups. Was into my seventh run when time expired

    Last time I tried nicole was nearly two years ago when I was just starting crossfit. Probably didn’t know what AMRAP was so I chose to do 8 rounds. Took me 30 minutes and only did 51 pullups. So today, 10 fewer minutes, only 2 fewer rounds and 25 more pullups. I will take that.

  2. Casey

    I will do my best to forget Nicole. The move is wreaking havoc on my schedule……little eating, little sleeping, lots of stress does not make for a good WOD.