WOD: 06-28-2010

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  1. Garrett

    Today definitely kicked my butt. I now have a new respect for the rowing machine. Hit a wall on the 3rd set 300m in.

    4:34 (had to wait at the Pull-up bar)

    1. laura

      GARRETT!!! Seriously….did you go at 5am on the day I don’t go at 5am??? OMG??!! Haha!!! yea the rower for sure demands respect….humbling little thing isn’t it….

      1. Garrett

        I know and i said i would never make it that early but yes I did i will be there tom. morning as well then back to 6:30.

  2. buckeye76

    Great workout. I like the fast pace WOD’s. Times were 3:59 / 4:22(?) / 4:17(?). Getting older impactst he memory.
    Speaking of getting older, I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to my best friend in the world. Lynn, Happy Birthday!! You are not getting older just much BETTER!!

      1. Linda

        Tim, I think a great birthday present for Lynn would be for you to get rid of pukie! Have a great Day Lynn!

  3. laura

    awwww Linda how can you always be dogging pukie?! He’s soooo awesome! 🙂
    Happy Birthday Lynn! I hope you have a great day!

  4. Linda

    Had some great “Kipper’s in the 9:30 class. You know who you are and I sooo wanted to join you, but some day…. My times for the workout were 5:02, 5:12 and 5:49. First time I did a whole workout with the strong teal band :))).

  5. Casey

    The Girl-rillas showed up today! Awesome kipping clinic…Christina, Rachel, Meredith and Judi all got over the bar today!!!

    Linda owned the rower today!
    Lana (special guest Girl-rilla) literally flew through her sit ups and did her first WOD on a band!! Awesome!

    Happy Birthday Lynn!

  6. Lana

    Thanks for letting me crash today girl-rillas! Had a great time. It was very exciting to attempt pull-ups with the band. I heart sit-ups!

  7. Gary

    Happy Birthday, Lynn. Nice to see Big Jim has such a soft heart under all that manly moxy. It’s obvious that he’s your No. 1 fan. Just glad he’s not screaming in my face.

    Posted 3:45, 4:01*, and 3:45. Was going for a hat trick at 3:45, but the rower lost count of my meters for that middle round.

    New area looks great. Pull up station looks incredible. Would have shaved some time off the WODS today, it sounds like. Or should I say, that it would have shortened some rest time of the WODs today.

  8. Lynn

    Thanks for all the good wishes, I’m looking forward to Pappasitos for dinner tonight! Jim, you’re the best! (now everyone’s going to know you can be a nice guy;)

  9. Casey

    For the record Tim, I’m with Linda, nix the pukie. You should have a tape measure or drill gravatar 🙂

  10. Christina

    I was so proud of all the girl-illas today. I love working out with you ladies. So my new goal is 5 kipping pullups by the end of the summer. Someone lit a fire under my *** today… 1st round 3:47 on the purple band, 2nd in 3:57 and third I don’t know, had to take Kamran to get braces put on…

    Good job this morning girls!

  11. corri

    Happy birthday Lynn wish I would have read this earlier we could have crashed your party 🙂

    I had no energy today
    No band

  12. brad

    3:08, 3:04, 3:03

    Thanks to Tim et al for the hard work over the past weekend doing amazing work. Looks great.

    So many great posts today. Happy birthday Lynn. Appears I’m too late for dinner.

    Glad to see my daughter Emily and my “third daughter” Shannon giving it heck tonight.

  13. Tim M

    Big thanks to Jose for the in-service on the Butterfly PUs – I’ll keep practicing!

    WOD was 3:14, 3:37, 3:30.

  14. Dick D

    Sunday .com WOD 5 rds of : 5 DL (300#) and 5 hand stand push ups. 11:1x

    Monday am: 8×200 meter sprints : fastest 31 slowest 36 average 33.

    Just ate good food and caught up with old friends in El Paso this pm

    Good job Chris D. way to man up and rip those callouses (sp) off. Good luck on recovery.

    Happy birthday Lynn