WOD: 06-29-2010

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  1. Casey

    Remember when it seemed like we rowed all the time???

    3:30, 3:36, 3:18…..chasing Jim on the last one……….did 75lbs…….I love cleans

    Attn. Girl-rillas: Gringo’s, Thursday night, 7PM!!!

  2. buckeye76

    I knew you were on my heels. I could not let you catch me.

    3 x 3 95 / 115 / 135 form was much better and felt comfortable getting under the weight. WOD w/ 75lbs = 3:05 / 3:04 / 3:08

  3. brad

    I hate cleans

    3×3 @ 135, 155, 155
    wod @ 95 – 3:04, 3:01, 2:51 Everyone seemed to be long gone by the time I hit my 15 reps.

    Shout out to daughter Emily for tearing it up on the relay row. WTG kid.

  4. Linda

    Need to get more comfortable with cleans. 55 and 60# for strength. Did WOD with 25#. Times 4:19, 4:39 and 5:20. Head not really in the workout because wondering how son is doing at camp.
    I haven’t been at the evening classes it seems like and while everyone is doing great, I was so impressed with Mia, Gena and Melissa. To see them during Mondays rowing, sit ups, push ups and pull ups. I just wanted to say WOO HOO!

  5. Tim M

    Can’t do cleans cuz of bum shoulder.

    Did the WOD using Hang-Snatches
    Rnd1 – 2:3? with 30# Snatch
    Rnd2 – 3:?? with 45# Snatch
    Rnd3 – 3:?? with 45# Snatch

    Great job on the cleans everyone. Welcome to Brandon!

  6. Gary

    Still trying to decide, if I like working out later in the day or getting up before the rooster crows for 5am. Good to meet you Brandon. Posted 2:19, 2:18, and 2:22 at 95 lbs with Brandon setting the pace and beating everyone by 100m everytime. Good job.

    Got to see Christina do 4 kipping PUs. Very proud of her.