WOD: 06-30-2010


WOD: 06-30-2010

As much as I dislike “chippers” we have  sprinted quite a bit lately, time to shock the system with a solid 3 mile run.  I compare this to runs becuase the first time I did this with my Marines some of the times were catastrophic (remember I had not learned about scaling yet).  Trying to put some fire back into my fire breathers I told them “If you can do this  imagine how easy a 20 min 3 miles will be on the PFT (Physical Fitness Test).  Next PFT every Marine was sub 21 min.

“Dirty Thirty”

For time 30 of each of the following:

Pull Ups

Box Jumps

KB Swing


Sit Ups

Wall Ball

Push Press

Knees 2 Elbows

Walking Lunges

Double Unders

Amy and Ben making quick work of the box jumps

While visiting on leave Dan hit a triple on heavy thrusters and a sub 15 Dirty Thirty, not bad Army. (Oh that hurt to say!)

29 Responses

  1. Casey

    Unlike Matt, I love chippers!! Someone PLEASE come work out with me tomorrow morning…….last time it was just me and Matt…….no offense Matt 🙂

    Shout out to the Girl-rillas who ROCKED the Dirty Thirty!! Welcome Tonya, it was good to have you.

  2. laura

    oh wow….. 🙂 unless I get booked for work tonight I will be there at 630p. I tried for 5am not sure why I’m not capable of this lately but I didn’t wake up till 630am and was close to late for work… :/
    guess it’s a good thing I got a bit more rest than normal…
    OHHH and what if you can’t do double unders??? 60 singles?

  3. sleepyjingli

    This will be the last WOD for me until mid-July.
    Uhhhh, but I really don’t want to do it…..

      1. Garrett L.

        why dont you just com tom. Lindsay says she is coming tom and will need a girl to encourage her.

  4. Gary

    We’ll see you all in the morning. Looks like a good time. Haven’t seen any posts from anyone that worked out this morning……. Is everyone still alive? What were your times?

    1. David

      I survived, but need to go to a remedial kipping class. Felt like 10 minutes of the 23:09 were spent on pull ups!

  5. Lynn

    Barely alive! This killed me this morning and I need a mid-day nap.
    22:10 – Sorry Casey, don’t think I lived up to the Girl-rilla name today:(

  6. Bear

    My time was 21:38. Huge suck factor and of you can’t do double unders then you do 100 singles. I did two double unders in a ROW: )

  7. momsnotfuling

    Went to see this movie today so will try and make chipper tomorrow morning. YIKES! How will I do KTE?

      1. Tim M

        If 30DU’s = 100regular jumps, I’m thinking that 30K2E’s = 100 Atomic SUs

        sound reasonable????

  8. corri

    I was so sore from yesterday I could hardly get out of bed. Me and my friend Leslie still have issues setting up my bar with the correct weight ; o )
    Thrusters 65 75 80
    WOD time 20:38

  9. Chris Douglas

    Almost broke 100# on the thrusters, missed the last rep and ended up at 95#

    Went a 21:34 with the 45# KB and bar, now I have missing skin on my right hand to match the left!

  10. brad

    Great effort at 630p from Laura, Valerie and Greg.

    Thr @ 135, 155, 165 2x
    wod 19:39 rx’d

    can’t really compare times to 4/21 because we did KTEs this time and I think twice the lunges. Nonetheless, it’s a great wod (if by great you mean it hurts)

  11. sleepyjingli

    I don’t want to say I love this WOD, but I definitely prefer to do this over the rowing and running.

    21:23 is my time.
    I really don’t know what happened, because I did this in Apr. my time was 18:57. Hummm….

  12. Casey

    18:28 rx’d
    I love chippers, did I say that already? Gary I really, really wanted to beat you…….not in the cards for me today…….awesome job.

  13. Gary

    Casey, I kept plugging and cranking fully expecting to hear you call time before me. Don’t know how I pulled that off. Timed out at 17:58m. Good job. Fun workout.

  14. brad

    Everyone’s efforts are to be applauded. Casey and Gary – very impressive rx’d times. You obviously don’t stand around sucking wind as much as I do. As Matt points out, that’s the time killer. I took breaks on everything but box jumps, situps and lunges. Some things are strength related (eg, can’t do 30 pullups unbroken…yet) but mostly it’s about turning off that little voice — well, that voice actually gets quite loud. Putting the bar down twice on the push press? Doh!

    For those concerned about times vs 4/21, dont’ be. If you read posts from that day, all times appear to be 2 – 5 minutes slower. KTEs certainly added time, heat, maybe more lunges. My time was 2:30 slower but I feel like I put in a much higher quality effort this go around.