WOD: 07-01-2010


WOD: 07-01-2010

Same “Thirty” still “Dirty“, why?  Because left to their own devices, someone who “drank the kool aide” will be in here at every opportunity to train just as hard as possible to continue their astonishing transformation from ego and wonderbread to modern hunter warrior.  If we don’t build in a rest day these efforts would actually be counter productive.

Some great Thursday efforts:

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  1. Gary

    Guys were outnumbered this morning. Good job ladies. The new space came in handy for WOD.

    Can’t wait to have the larger area finished and open for morning WODs – a lot more elbow room. It certainly will make Matt’s job easier orchestrating the WODs. Thinking back to recent Saturday WOD with a class of 22 was like watching a well choreographed Cirque du Soleil show being played out on stage.

  2. Tim M

    Wow, full class @ 5:30!

    Jim REALLY rocked it – had to have been those wrist-bands, WAY cool!

    Did the WOD in 17:56. Can’t get over the Army dude doing it in sub-15 . . . . go Army, and I’m an Air Force guy!

    Enjoy tomorrows WOD – should be the last one in the old space.

    Oh yea – welcome Lindsay, hope you enjoyed your 1st WOD!

  3. Linda

    Happy Birthday Tim! Hope you had a great day. Thrusters 75- 80-100(X)-95(X). Last time note to self was “Don’t wait till end for burpees” this time note to self “Don’t wait till end for pull ups”. Good news I did all pull ups on strong blue band. I won’t say they were pretty pull ups. My time 31:58

  4. Garrett L.

    WOW thats all i have to say about today… first time ever to do the dirty Thirty time was 19:01 completed the full thing…

    Lindsay did amazing today first day at crossfit. she scaled to 15 reps completed in 15:3?…

    so i ask which she likes better P90X or Crossfit and she says “P90X it doesnt have anything on Crossfit Silverback I LOVED IT” she will be back tomorrow for some more pain.

    1. brad

      Lindsay – nice job and welcome to the group. It’s not always as crazy as the dirty thirty (but is most of the time)

    2. laura

      WAY TO GO LINDSAY!!! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! I hope to get to workout with you soon!

      Yall have a great 4th! 🙂

  5. buckeye76

    Tim, happy birthday. I have not broken out the wrist bands yet. Not sure I want to take the wrath of everybody when I do break them out. Little nervous about the grief. Did the WOD Thursday evening in 18:57 and turned around and went tothe 05:00 class Friday. That is a tough / rough turn.

    Lindsay, welcome to the Crossfit Silverback family.

    1. laura

      Jim you better break those wrist bands out! It’s so very crossfitty and uber stylish to wear them 😉

  6. laura

    ok yall…..I’m ordering a “SONIC BOMB” alarm clock…..it is 113db and has a 12volt BED SHAKER included 😉 Hope this will wake me up so I can workout more than 2 or 3 times a week :/

      1. laura

        HAHAHAA!! I know!!! I thought that was hilarious….but I’ve gotta do something! My daddy (military dude…) says I can program my brain to make myself get up at a certain time by repeating it over and over before I fall asleep……uhhhhh yea that’s not working for me…..so the sonic bomb/bed shaker is the next step!!!