WOD 07-06-2010


WOD 07-06-2010

Oldie but a goodie.  Absolutely nothing better at building explosive power from the hips.


For Time

Deadlift x 10,9,8,……1

Box Jump x 10

10 rounds total.

Yes it's July in Texas and yes we are still working out this hard. Way to go Lindsey welcome to the Silverback Nation.

Graig showing amazing progress after just 3 weeks. Welcome to the Silverback Nation.

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  1. Bear

    Wow! I think I over did it during the strength portion this morning. WOD. Dead lift 205# 24″ box. Time 12:49. Ran out of gas at the end

    1. brad

      Bear – my bad. I started us off too heavy on the 3r and 2r deadlifts. Don’t know what I was thinking. I was gassed by the time we got to singles. I need to bring reading glasses so I can actually read my notes from previous workouts.

      wod 10:49 @ 205 lbs

    1. silverbackmattp

      We had a search window? Brad can you and your spreadsheet that I promise never to make fun of again, lend a hand here?

      1. brad

        To find the 2/13/10 wod, you need to go to the archives and click on 2/12/10. Somehow there are three days posted there and you want the one that’s 10/13/10.

        For all of you time travelers out there.