WOD: 07-07-2010


WOD: 07-07-2010

“The Whole 9 Yards” bonus points for the real origin of that phrase.

For time 2 rounds of:

Thrusters x 15

Row x 500m

2min rest

Then 5min rest

For time 2 rounds of:

Deadlift x 15

Run x 400m

Rest 2min

Each round is timed as an individual split

What was your family of 4 doing at 5:00 am; Stephanie, Anthony, Stacy and Nina (hidden in back) all brought their "A" game.

Zach and Cassie putting a hurt on the rower. The problem is the rower likes to hit back.

As Brad and their Dad can attest: Stephanie and Stacy refused to be caught.

Fresh back from Lacrosse Camp, Kevin reported significant gains in his work capacity in just the month he trained with us. Not surprisingly, he's back for more.

19 Responses

  1. Marianne

    I Wikipedia it. ” Perhaps the most frequently quoted is from World War II, where it is suggested that to “go the full nine yards” was to fire an entire aircraft machine-gun ammunition belt, nine yards long”

    1. silverbackmattp

      I not sure the proper way to use Wikipedia as a verb so I won’t. It seems trivia is not near as fun with it though. Sorry Laura but it’s Matt here (novel or machine gun reference) hmmmm……

      1. laura

        haaha! well it said it was a novel based on the vietnam war so I thought it had to be that! 🙂 I didn’t KNOW KNOW anyway…had to cheat and use the internet!

  2. Casey

    8:30 was good to the girl-rillas this morning! Excellent effort across the board……..you gals better watch out for Tracey…….I think she might be a little competitive 🙂

  3. brad

    Run, row, skip, thrust, lift, pull….whew. Been doing a lot of these intense, brief intervals lately (compare to June 14, 15, 25, 28 and 29). That which does not kill you…

    Nice job to Stacy and Stephanie (hope I got that right). Could not run them down on that second round.

    Thr @ 95/row – 3:00, 3:03
    DL @ 185/run – 2:34, 2:37

    3 rounds of each would have been brutal, mentally as much physically

  4. Tim M

    Wow, this one kicked my butt.
    Rnd1 – 3:56 with 185# DL + 30 Burpees (cuz it was pouring down rain)
    Rnd2 – 3:42
    Rnd3 – 4:01 with 75# O.H.S + 500m row
    Rnd4 – 3:01

  5. Christina

    This was painful. I thought I was going to do well and I did the first round of each set but died on the second rounds. 2:48, 3:00 deadlift @125 and 400m run, 3:00, 3:44 thruster (@50lb) and 500m row.

    I had nothing left in the tank as Matt always says…

  6. drew

    Painful return! Been a strange week but glad to get back…sort of.
    Th(95lb)/row: 2:17 2:3?
    DL (225)/run: 3:05 and a very slow 3:44

    I found the E on the tank this morning! Got to the run and had nothing!

    Hey Linda do you have a book for me?

  7. Gary

    Glad to see Jonathon make it to the 5am class. See, it aint so bad.

    Missed the last two days, and like Drew just didn’t have much good fuel in the tank.

    95lb Thruster/500m Row – 2:51 and 2:58
    185lb DL/400m Run – 3:01 and 3:02

    1. Jonathan

      Good to join the early morning crew. Special thanks to Matt for my photo debut on the Silverback site sucking wind and doing nothing. 🙂