WOD: 07-09-2010


WOD: 07-09-2010

“Barbara” oooh here’s a fresh face.  No rowers, no running,  no weights; no complaints, right?

5 round for time:

20 Pull Ups

30 Push Ups

40 Sit Ups

50 Squats

I spoke to the 5:30 class but I want everyone to know, your efforts today were legendary. I could have scaled some of you more aggressively but in addition to effective training I wanted you to have one of those great CrossFit experiences that has nothing to do with the white board and all to do with guts and fear.  In the past I have called it, “Slapping the Bear” (this is before I had an athlete named Bear).  But the idea of  taking on the challenge where winning is not beating the clock or another athlete, but to tackle the ominous and come out the other end bloody but unbowed.  “Gut check” or “out of your comfort zone” is dismissive and cliché, this is stepping into the clearing and spotting a 12 foot tall, one ton predator, crossing the distance at a sprint, leaping into the air,  smacking him in the face and yelling, “let’s dance fat ass!”  Well done Silverbacks.

Judging by the speed and enthusiasm; definitely round 1

Turns out for Jim that Barbara is no lady.

We convinced the kids not to dial 911.

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  1. drew

    WOW!!! Great job everyone. This was tough. Props to Casey and Zach for an as Rx’d effort. i had to use the band to supplement from the thrid round. Then went to my knees for the last round of push-ups. Went to beyond the white board and mean time is 28:21, however i dont believe anything below 20:00 minutes! My time was 35:05. Again I say, WOW!!

  2. Bear

    WOW! Barbara was a @#$%&. Only did four rounds because of time but I was okay with that. My time was 33:49 I think.

  3. Casey

    32:26 I did go to knees on my push ups for round three……if I talked ugly I know just what I would call Barbara but I don’t so I’ll just say she’s a “beast”

    My last round of pull ups were singles……..I felt like I was going to throw up during the sit ups………I heart squats……my hands ripped…….this was mental for sure……5 rounds!!

    Great job Girl-rillas………Tracey beat me by one second…ughhhh…….Rachel, excellent effort………Judy, Kristen and Tonya, Thank you for giving me all you had and leaving the tank on E!!

  4. Tracey

    Casey is too kind! Yes, I might have beat her time, but I was on the teal bands (had to go between both) and on knees the whole time!!!! I don’t think that I will be wanting “Barbara” to be a close friend. I hope she doesn’t visit us for a while. This is the kind of work-out that makes me want to take a long nap afterwards!!!! Rachel, you rocked this morning!

  5. brad

    Well, that’s what I get for sleeping in. Missed one of my favorite (and loathed) wods. Done it seven times, but didn’t complete as rx’d until the fifth try. Not even close to the times posted; very impressive stuff.

    Have to go to 24 Hr and do it solo (and get the funny looks). Can’t make the box tonight.

    1. laura

      I too slept in…..not by choice but by guess what??? not hearing my alarm…was 30 min late to work BUT so far I haven’t gotten booked to work tonight so it’s a pretty safe bet that I’ll be there at 630p.
      This is going to be really tough…5 rounds :/ Yikes
      I’m gonna try something new mentally we’ll see how it works 🙂

  6. Tim M

    Interesting read Drew, thanks.
    I’m lovin the closing statement – “In short: Overweight-but-active beats thin-but-inactive any day.”
    No offense to the skinny people of course.

  7. Christina

    I’m skeered. Not sure I want to join Gary at 5:30, but probably will anyway. Kids have been DRIVING ME NUTS!!! Need to get out some aggression.

  8. brad

    29:51, a PR by 9 minutes. Need any more proof that this stuff works? Sure, the A/C at 24 Hr helped but I had to do the pullups on their moronic, skinny bar that’s only 7′ off the ground; my feet kept hitting.

    Likely not going to be at the box until Aug; work next week and vacation the following two. But I’ll be there in spirit.

    Now, off to watch the Cards beat the ‘Stros

  9. Christina

    I hate all these female WODS and this one was no different. It was the first time I didn’t want to quit even though it was SO hard. That’s a first for me! I finished in 31:22 but had to use the teal band.
    I’m glad I’m done. I thought I was going to have to carry Gary out of there, it was the first I think HE WANTED to quit! Good job honey!
    Great job Lynn, way to finish strong! And great job to everyone who came out today. I think we should get brownie points for knowing what the WOD was and still showing up. Maybe that’s just me. See you all tomorrow morning.

  10. valerie

    Needless to say, Graig and I left cryin for our mamas…great workout by all, everyone rocked it…my hands are so torn I couldnt b—h slap “barbara” if I wanted too…lol..

  11. Sleepyjingli

    Boating, skiing, fishing, painting, eating, playing card and games, cleaning carpet, fixing toilet….in the mist of all these, I did part of the Barbar (no place for pull ups) in front of the Grand Lake.
    Time was 21:19

    Just want to say all you Silverbacks who challenged Barbar are my hero. You are the one inspired me to tackle this wod even I really don’t want to do it. Thank you all!!