WOD: 07-12-2010

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    1. silverbackmattp

      The short answer, it’s too easy for most of you and we don’t do easy. But, I will make you a deal. You do 25 reps and I’ll let you run 200m.

      1. Tim M

        OK, you know I’ve got to chime in on this one . . . . . 200m is only easier than 400m IF YOU’RE RUNNING AT THE SAME PACE!

      2. Tim M

        Hold on – I’m not done ranting . . . . . If you really push yourself on the 200m then it is – in my opinion – a MUCH nastier run and sucks the wind out of you MUCH worse than a 400m run.
        OK – off the pedestal.

        1. silverbackmattp

          I want you to run them at the same pace, AS FAST AS YOU CAN. That makes the shorter run the preferred run.

  1. Rachel

    Last time we did Nancy on 6/3, my time was 18:16. Today, just 5 1/2 weeks later, my time was 15:17! Granted OHS were with only 15 lbs both times, but that is an improvement of 2:59!!! I guess this Crossfit thing really does work. 🙂 Thanks, Casey and all the girl-rillas, for all your encouragement!

  2. brad


    CF Katy is hosting a competition Aug 14 – “Bring The Heat”. Alls men’s slots are filled. Still some opening for standard and scaled women. https://crossfit-katy.zenplanner.com/zenplanner/portal/sign-up-now.cfm

    Registration now also open for the Texas Throwdown. I believe Zach is signing up to compete individually. There is also a team comp, 4 – 6 members, one of whom must be female. More info and registration here. http://texasthrowdown.gsxcrossfit.com/

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to either (something about having to take a daughter to college…sheesh).

    Stay tuned for more on the Spartan Race (October), Bearkat 5K (9/11) and the Lululemons competition in the Woodlands (Sept tbd). If anyone signs up for a comp, post it so we know to come support you.

  3. Casey

    It was so great to have you back Lori !!

    Also a great big Silverback welcome to Judy and Sivi. You guys did great today!

    Rachel, Christina, Tracey and Meridith Congrats on improvements across the board!

    1. Sivi

      Thanks Casey! I really enjoyed meeting all the girls. My legs are already sore but I am looking forward to Wednesday!

  4. Linda

    Met Nancy again this morning and my results were much improved 🙂 Used the 15#bar both times. My time in June -23:20, today’s time- 18:58. Take That Nancy! WHO’S THE MAMA!

  5. laura

    OHS strength 75×3, 95×3, 105×1, 100×1

    WOD used 55# time was 19:45
    last time time was 23:??
    pretty happy about this 🙂

  6. Tim M

    Ode to Nancy:
    Nancy oh Nancy, holy art thou’s walls whose bars get dropped unconscienably. May the sheet-wearing ROCK cover thy short-comings and fill thee with earth-laden barriers.

    You’all will understand tomorrow.

    Did the WOD in 17:27 w/75#, PR by 2:20+

    Thanks for the shout-out Mia, I appreciate it a lot!!!

    1. drew

      Nice Holes Tim! If you look at the picture on the bottom i am actually checking out the wall where my bar made a small indention not nearly as large as your holes.

  7. Gary

    Worked through it with no dead arm. 16:40m at 45lbs. 18:24m back in June 3rd. Good job Anna and Kamran. Proud of you.

  8. drew

    Did the WOD with 75lbs in 17:22 it was fun but i refuse to run with Christopher, that kid is FAST!