WOD: 07-13-2010

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  1. drew

    Cleans were fun this morning set a PR by 20 lbs for 3RM 135-165-185.

    Also rowing was enjoyable.
    1:40- I had to stop and adjust the feet. Evidently a 2 year old was on that rower yesterday!

    1. laura

      uhhhh Drew…rowing was enjoyable for you cause you’re like the rowing king…. haha!
      great times!

  2. Bear

    Drew you are a man. My times were 1:41, 1:42, 1:45, and 1:47. Cleans were 95, 135, 155. Hard today convince myself to get under the weight

  3. Garrett L.

    So as i was walking out today after the workout I was called a “penguin” by Lindsay do to the way i was walking. I cant help the fact I can’t feel my legs…


    1. laura

      Garrett-you did a great job at rowing….you could totally tell you gave it your all and left nothing “in the tank” as Matt says

      Great job!

  4. laura

    I for sure think that rowing 2k and being able to pace yourself vs rowing 4 x 500m SPRINTS is much easier….can’t believe I just said that….

    row 1- 1:44 (or 1:47??)
    row 2- 1:52
    row 3- 1:54
    row 4- 1:54

    quads and gluteus maximus SUPER DUPER DUPER SORE