WOD: 07-15-2010


WOD: 07-15-2010

“DT” again? Every week you can choose to take Wed or Thursday off to maintain your energy, enthusiasm and good health.  In other words, CrossFit is addictive, and the GIC (Gorilla In Charge) is looking out for you.  Which ever day you do come, bring the gasoline and matches cause we are going to burn the workout down.



ANTHONY NEVER LEFT. Relentless, way to go Silverback.

AND TYRONE JUST GOT HERE. At least Dick looks impressed.

One thing about Amy; FOCUS, buckets and buckets of focus. Well done Silverback.

5 Responses

  1. Chris

    Achieved the Complex without any modifications.

    Went 9:54 with 65#, sorry I couldn’t do the 75# Matt, the push jerk was in the way.

  2. Kyle

    Did not have it today. Forearms were fried after 2 rnds w/ 95, went 75 for the last 3. 11:54. Worst day in a while.

  3. Dick D

    Did Nancy from Monday. Thanks for “talking” me in to doing this one Tim. Overhead squats are really tough for me from a flexibility standpoint.

    SWOD: Pullup/pushup complex.

    75# @ 14:52 or :54 not sure which. Could barely run the last couple of laps. Good one.

  4. Garrett L.

    So today was def. a milestone day for me during the complex. When I first started literally 1 month ago I could not do 1 pull up. Today I was able to do the whole complex without a single band (maybe a few kipling PU in there but still). Whoever says Crossfit doesn’t work is not trying hard enough and out of there mind. You get what you put in. It might have taken a bit longer than the others but i did it all.


    1. laura

      AWESOME progress Garrett! I look forward to the day I don’t have to use the band for pullups anymore!