WOD: 07-16-2010

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  1. Dick D

    Did I have an out of body experience this morning or is this a totally different workout? Does this mean I need to play hookie and come in tonight for more devious pt?

    Jenkies Shaggy.

    PP= 135×3, 155×3, 165 failure!

    WOD (75# should have gone a touch heavier maybe) = 8:01 . Once again the Atomic Situp destroyed me. Need to do more of these while watching tv or something. or maybe not drink so much beer?

  2. laura

    I was there….that’s about it 🙂

    I just might get to come in tomorrow….but it’s still too early to tell if I’ll work tonight….so we will see.
    If not, have a good weekend and I’ll see yall Monday 🙂

  3. buckeye76

    I might be delirious (or still slightly drunk from last night), but this WOD looks interesting and inviting. I am looking forward to the 17:30 class this evening.

  4. Casey

    I pushed all the girl-rillas to go heavy this AM and they stepped up! Thanks girls!

    Way to go Christine…….no scaling!!

    Sivi awesome job on the push press. You have a lot more in you, if I could just get you to quit thinking 🙂

    Tracey, Chirstina, and Judi way to get outside your comfort zone on push press!!

    1. Sivi

      Thanks Casey! My body is tired but my spirit is lifted! I’m trying not to think so much! I loved my first week with you and the girl-rillas. Can’t wait to see you on Monday!

  5. Christina

    My kids made me go today!!! I have no way of getting out of it now that my entire family has turned into SILVERBACKS. So wanted to stay in bed, but the kids had other plans and didn’t want to miss their last workout before our vacation.

    New PP PR: 85lb
    WOD: 7:14(?) Don’t remember, all I know is Meredith beat me.

    See you tomorrow morning, maybe…Leaving for Colorado on Sunday instead of Saturday. Peace out!

  6. Sleepyjingli

    This is indeed a Good One for someone just came back from two weeks of vacation.

    Made new PR on PP 55lb
    Wod with 25lb KB. Time. 6:03

    Great job Betsy and Linsey.

    Finally lured Kelly ( trust me, he is the better half) to join the Silverback Nation.

    Great to be back!