WOD: 07-20-2010


WOD: 07-20-2010

Paradise Road

3 Rounds Total of :

Front Squat (Max Set)



Teams of 3, Athlete 1 performs a continuous (unbroken) set of front squats, Athlete 2 Burpees for reps for the duration of the squats, Athlete 3 rests.  All athletes rotate to the next position.

Kevin has come a long way in just a couple of months. The lacrosse field will be the real test.

Julie pulling a PR again! It's almost routine.

Getting down, Carla and Melissa made a strong combination!

Anthony and Brandon made a relentless team, way to go Silverbacks.

Team C: Cassie, Corrie and Casey set the pace.

9 Responses

  1. laura

    Wished I would have made myself do more….felt like I needed a part 2 a few seconds after I finished….

    1. laura

      did 15 FS each round
      burpees were something like 15, 12 , 11 I think?
      FS 3×3….don’t wanna talk about it 🙂
      have a great day 🙂

  2. Gary

    Watched the Crossfit Games on my iPhone while driving across Texas to Colorado. 5 intense WODs on Saturday and 5 WODs Sunday. Incredible athletes! Amazing to watch. Couldn’t believe the exercises they made them do on Sunday. Check out the workouts and results at http://www.live.crossfit.com. Diminuative 140lb chris Spealer won 3rd place overall after a grueling weekend. Fun to watch.

    Going to work out at AIC Crosssfit in Windsor with Christina, Kamran and my brother tomorrow. They were in the team event at the Crossfit Games. Should be fun. Looking forward to hearing their stories from the competition.

    Just ran 2 miles here in the mountains with Kamran. The thin air is an initial shock to the lungs. Not sure how you compare Houston heat and humidity to Colorado thin air. Looking forward to climbing a 14er on Saturday.

  3. Gary

    Failed to mention, that I haven’t climbed a 14er since me and my brother tackled our last one back in 1982. Ive always had the desire to do it again. Crossfit has given me the drive and the ability to do something I love. I’ll take some pictures for you all.

    That leads me to thanking Casey for dragging Christina and I to bootcamp 6 months ago, a big thank you to Matt for sharing his dream, and to the rest of the Silverback nation for making it fun to get up at 4:15 am in the morning.

  4. Dick D

    3×3: 185, 195, 200 (pr)

    WOD: @95# – 53 FS, Burpees ???

    I just want to give a shout out to Garret. He did the WOD at 135 which is by my standard some serious poundage for reps.

  5. Bear

    My legs are hurting today. Front squats. 185 – 195 – 205. WOD 95# 43 reps and 27 burpees. See y’all Thursday

  6. sleepyjingli

    Ohhhh, Mat, that’s great shot! What you think about I put it on this year’s Christmas card:))