WOD: 07-21-2010

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  1. brad

    Alive and well on the shores of Lake Mich. Remote. Miss the box. Self programming (lots of sand running). See you w/o Aug 2

  2. buckeye76

    Good quick hitting WOD. Times were 2:30 / 2:55 / 2:37 with 105 lbs. Tim, call me to discuss Saturday, 281.932.7615

  3. Gary

    Christina and I worked out at AIC Crossfit in Windsor CO. Sam and crew competed at the games in CA. Introduced us to several new warmups and stretches – a few named after Chris Spealer.

    100m sprint
    10 Pushups
    50 OH Lunge (45lbs)
    5 Rds 100m

    2min rest

    100m backward run
    10 Pullups
    50m Chest Lunge (45lbs)
    3 Rds 100m

    Altitude was a killer on the last round.

  4. Tim M

    Sub’d 225# D.L. and 75# O.H.S. for the two movements.
    Times were 2:30, 2:18, & 2:05 – almost caught Kyle on that last round!

  5. sleepyjingli

    2:45, 2:42, 2:44
    40lb for the 7s.

    Thank you, Mat , for not have any ROWING (not saying I love the runs).
    Oh, NO, I am not complaining:)

    Rest tomorrow. I will be there on Fri. Please, Please, still have the cherry on top….

  6. Dick D

    Down and Back almost took me down this am.

    SWOD: 10-8-7 w weighted vest (40-45# not sure which)

    WOD (105#): 2:11, 2:19, 2:22

    Shout out to Corri bc she had me running scared on the last round!!!!!

  7. laura

    did 85# for the WOD
    round 1 2:54
    round 2 2:52 🙂
    round 3 3:01

    pull ups….I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong in this area…have done less and less each time we do this….struggled with the purple band where before I could do at least my first set with nothing…

  8. Casey

    Jim, You would have been proud…….I yelled and yes, I pushed Bear out of the door! I hope you will be there at 5AM!!

    Corri, Awesome last round this morning girl………chasing Dick is no easy feat!

    Laura, Thanks for going heavy. You are strong!……..just my 2 cents………..do more pull ups 😉

    Susan you are such a trooper. Great job this morning. Please tell Helen I will miss her!

    1. Susan D

      Awww, thanks Casey! 🙂

      Did 25# for WOD, times were 2:24, 2:33, and 2:33. Rowed 300 meters instead of running. Wore me out but I loved it 🙂

      Dick taught me how to make a rockin’ cafe mocha when we got home. Great way to get some protein fast.

      Jen and Robyn, so glad you are joining us at Crossfit. 🙂

    2. laura

      thanks Casey! I am glad I did that weight and it wasn’t even heavy heavy until round 3. I’m determined to get better at pullups…I’ll keep practicing!
      See you in the morning….unless I don’t hear BOTH of my alarms! ha!