WOD: 07-23-2010

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  1. drew

    This looks like fun. Went to crossfit strong this morning here is what we did:
    200m run w/ 35# DB overhead
    20 Deadlift Twists (135lbs)
    7 Man Makers (35# DBs)
    24 Burpees
    20m Bear Crawl w/ 35# DBs
    7 Pistols
    20yd BC same as above
    7 Renegade Rows
    40yd DB Lunch 35# DBs
    24 Burpees
    200m run as above
    20 DL twists as above
    7 Man Makers
    Only 1 round though so it was eay ;-). Time: 21:39

  2. Tim M

    Hey all – Garrett mentioned something about rebuilding or reinforcing the Wall-ball wall Saturday. I’ll be out of town but Casey, Cassie, and Valerie all have keys to the place. For that fact I think Matt may be back in town by Saturday, not sure. Anyway, please coordinate w/one of them. Enjoy!

  3. buckeye76

    A beast of a workout. MAtch my PR on DL 275 lbs. Time for th WOD was 18:00. I was a beast of a WOD. Casey, nice job keeping me focused.

  4. buckeye76

    I meant to say It was a beast of a workout; not I was a beast of a WOD. I wasn’t close to being a beast on this WOD.

  5. laura

    well as you can see I didn’t hear my alarm….geez this is getting old…..anyway I’ll be there at 630p tonight 🙂
    happy FRIDAY 🙂

  6. Casey

    DL 185-195-215-225x
    new PR for me I haven’t done deadlift in 3 months so this was nice, thanks for the push Cassie

    16:21 20in box

    Nice to have Amber and Misti from Lululemon!

    Great job Girl-rillas!!

  7. corri

    I agree it was a beast today. I had an adrenaline rush wish I had it every time 145, 165, 175, 185 new PR. Man Casey u are beast. WOD time 14:11 I think.

    Great job everyone.

  8. Tracey

    Today is my 3 month anniversary doing CrossFit!!!! I had a new PR for deadlift – 175!!! The WOD was tough, and the KTE (better known as “ankles in the air” for me) was VERY sloppy! Time 15:32!

    Thanks to everyone for making these 3 months wonderful! Truly life-changing in amazing ways! It’s official, I’m addicted!!!!!!

    1. Casey

      Congratulations Tracey! You are doing awesome and I am so proud of you. Superb effort on deadlift today and scooting over to the 20in box to finish up…….you can’t coach that kind of drive, it’s God given!

  9. Dick D

    SWOD: 315, 365, 375, 395 (PR by 30 and I felt good, could have got more. Thanks for the programing Matt)

    WOD: 13:5? w/ 24 in box

    Shout out to my boy. Chris hit 255 and blew his previous PR out of the water. He showed alot of heart and integrity knocking out box jumps with the old man on the 24. Way to go buddy.

  10. Sleepyjingli

    Ok, I felt like a rotten egg today….
    Not enough sleep and no eating are not a good idea for tackle the wod.
    15:23 and no PR on DL… SAD.

    On the bright side, I completed 1005 pull up in 6 months.
    Next goal will be do ONE, yes just one, pullup without band by thanksgiving.

    Congras to Tracey, Corri, and Chris!