WOD: 07-26-2010

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  1. Marianne

    I told Kyle last night before we went to bed, I feel some push ups coming up tomorrow. Glad to know I was right!!!!

  2. Justin

    Hey, we also did this one today at CFC. Throw in some Chest to Bar pull-ups, it makes it painfully interesting. That extra ~4 inches is rough.

  3. Casey

    Props to Drew for 19 rounds. I got 16, I’ll take it.

    Great job Girl-rillas! The girls got uncomfortable today and I think they liked it!

    Tracey tore her first callous ……..awesome.

  4. brad

    One of my faves. Impressive numbers casey and drew!

    I’m going to the local park and do this tomorrow. Have to use the kids’ monkey bars for pullulps. I’m freaking out the locals woth my shenanigans.

  5. Tim M

    Uuuuuuuggggggghhhhh! I can’t BELIEVE you did Cindy without me! This was the 1st Xfit WOD I did back in 2007 and have been itching to try to set a new PR (currently 17Rnds).
    Enjoy it all ! ! !

  6. Linda

    5:30 group was awesome! I haven’t seen some of you for a bit and ya’ll look great! Thanks for all the help Jim. Did 8 rounds and was 4 squats into round 9. Like to see Zach”butterfly” the pull ups. Someday…”Mariposa McCree”. Ok, have to get past the blue and purple band first. Did 8 rounds and was 4 squats into round 9.
    Cleans 60-65-70.

    1. Linda

      Can I mention one more time…”8 rounds and 4 squats into round 9″? Wondered this morning why my chin was tender? Oh yeah, 45 pullups, wow. I also have raw spots on my knees from the push ups. I feel like these are my badges of honor, next ripped callouses.

  7. Dick D

    SWOD: 115, 135, 155 fail. Need a lot of technique work on this one. Just not there yet.

    WOD: 21 rds and 1 pullup (yes I’m proud of that one stinkin pullup).

    Felt really good most of the way (relatively speaking). I really wore out on the pushups (getting 6 or 7 at a stretch after rd 12 or 13). I think I could have gotten the final 22nd rd if I could have put 10 straight together. Anyway I beat Chris so I have braggin’ rights for a few more weeks at my house I guess.

  8. Marianne

    12 Rounds and 5 Pull Ups. Got really winded after round 8 especially with the push ups. I did do the first 6 rounds with the purple band (my previous record with the purple band was 3 pull ups)

    Went 75-85-100(PR) on the Hang Cleans