WOD: 07-28-2010


WOD: 07-28-2010

Bear Attack

Hang Clean x max reps 1 min

Burpees x max reps 2 min

Rest 2 min

Front Squat x max reps 1 min

Row x 500m

Rest 2 min

Push Press x max reps 1 min

Run x 400m

The Girl-rillas prepare to launch their attack.

The Lil' Apes were already on the move.

The Girl-rillas pulling hard.

How short can 2 minutes "rest" feel?

Things aren't much better on the Lil' Apes side.

The afternoon classes bringing it down the backstretch.

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!": Betsy and Linda sprint to the finish.

13 Responses

  1. Dick D

    Out of town. what’s the SWOD and weight for the WOD? I actually have a gym in this hotel where I can get this done. Thanks

  2. drew

    Down and Back for W/U etc.
    No strength
    I did 115lbs (65% of lightest event, Push Press for me)

    20 Cleans/30 Burpees
    15 FS/ 1:38 Row
    17 PP/ 1:54 Run

    These max reps in 1 min things mess with my head!

  3. buckeye76

    Nice workout. Had no gas in the tank for the NTD and WU.

    WOD at 95 lns.
    22 cleans / 26 burpees
    14 front squat / Row 1:46
    16 Push press / 400 meter 2:12.

  4. Dick D

    I was the bug squished on the windshield today. I have got to improve my technique on Cleans. When is the next Fun-D-Mentals?

    Warm up with 1 mile run, push ups, air squats and stretching

    46 Kg = 101 lbs for the WOD

    17 Cleans/ 22 Burpees
    17 Fr Squats/1:48
    16 PP/ 1:35 (had to let the “dreadmill” get up to speed and 2% incline so time is off watch.

    Best gym I’ve been to in Europe (Radisson Blue) Concept 2 rowers, full compliment of weights. and wide range of standard globo gym machines (hammer strength and other pulley/sled types). Squat rack. The bar and plates were the “skinny” bar types but I’m not gonna complain.

    Did some DL for reps and bench press with a business associate (big words for a knuckle dragger I know) after WOD.

  5. Dick D

    Food confessions:

    Forgive me Father Silverback for I have sinned.

    I did good after the workout. Protein shake, water, water, …then dinner…chose a salad with double chicken breast….but they served it with this unbelievable bread! (promise I didn’t ask for it, nor did they advertise it on the menu. It would have been rude to send it back right?) I had three slices dipped in olive oil and chased with a delicious Chilean cab….I did manage to resist the dessert tray.

    100 burpees for penance?

  6. Casey

    Speaking of penance:

    I think we need to institute a gym wide mandatory penalty for tardiness…….I saw another box that charges 3 burpees for every minute you are late. Sounds good to me..any other suggestions? Matt??

    I’m coming up with my own penalty for Girl-rillas who talk during the WOD……..love ya Judi!

    1. Judi

      Now Casey, I told you from the get-go I was a social exerciser. I have brought 4 new girl-rillas and I need to be able to chat a bit 🙂
      But if you must know, I was asking Rachel what number burpee we were on because I kept losing count. Ugh! I hate those things!!!
      Maybe you could name your penalty after me – lol 😉

    1. casey

      Sivi, I promise that wasn’t directed at you! It happens all the time and when I read other box’s ideas it sounded good to me! Great job on the WOD today!

  7. msoon78

    That was way worse than it looked. Rowing kicked my butt.
    27, 27 Hang Clean/burpee
    23/2:10 Front Squat/row
    17/2:36 Push Press/Run