WOD: 07-30-2010


WOD: 07-30-2010

“Crazy 8’s”

AMRAP in 5 min of:

Deadlift x 8

Burpee x 8

3 rounds 1 min rest between rounds

5am and Corrie leading strong.

Can you imagine if your Grandparents did this everyday at 5 am. VERY Silverback Jim and Lynn.

Laura and Casey's respective 5-4-4 results totals out to 104 Deadlift and 104 Burpees each (not including unfinished rounds). WOW, the bar is set for later classes

12 Responses

  1. Laura

    WHEW! that was tough!

    round 1- 5 rounds and 6 stinkin burpees 😉
    round 2- 4 rounds
    round 3- 4 rounds

    did 105# for DL

    I think that was the first time I’ve ever been anywhere close to Casey in speed let alone right with her 🙂 Thanks Casey for pushing me to be faster 🙂 You’re always soooooo speedy!

  2. Judi

    note to self: never stand near the door on trash day!

    note to Casey & Matt: I am renaming Burpees, they will now be referred to as “Pukees”

  3. Casey

    Judi, Way to fight through it today. You are one tough Girl-rilla!

    Judy, Awesome job this morning. Fire and determination. Love it.

    Leslie U., Sorry you had to be the first to suffer the burpee penance. Too bad you couldn’t add those 18 to the ones in the WOD!

    Sivi, Please come back. LOTS of people come late, that wasn’t just about you……I promise.

    I knew Renee was hooked but Alli proved today she has officially drank the kool-aid.

    1. Sivi


      I will definitely be back! I don’t scare off easily! I am considering coming to the FunDMentals (?) class in the morning!

      You are an awesome trainer and I love working with you! Thanks for putting up with me!

      1. Casey

        Thanks Sivi, I’ve been fretting!

        I would highly recommend the fundamentals class. It really lays the foundation for what we do.

  4. sleepyjingli

    5-4-4 with DL 65lb.
    Thank you Casey for letting me stay with this weigh.

    I had this headache only on the left side of my head . It hurt so bad that I dreamed a dream last night that people trying to get me to take some pain pills.
    I still had it this morning. After the warm up, I had hard time see through my left eye, the pain became worse. I thought I had to sit in the car to wait for my son to finish his workout. Well, I toughed it out. And guess what Crazy Eight scared my headache away:)

    1. Casey

      I am so glad you found a “natural” cure for headaches! You worked hard today with great form. So glad you are back.

  5. corri

    Rd1 – 4 and 8 bp
    Rd2 – 4 and 6 bp
    Rd3 – 4

    This week really took me for a loop. My legs r killing me. Hope to make it before we r off to vacation. Be on the look out for Bear’s posts next week : o )

  6. Tim M

    Worked out at CrossfitBWI today. WOD was 5RFT of:
    15 Hang Pwr Snatch (75#) + 400m run
    Time was 17:59

    I look forward to returning to Silverback Nation next week.