WOD: 09-01-2010

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  1. Kyle

    I haven’t been in a few weeks; vacation, resting shoulder and travel for work and it looks like rest is not going to be enough. I had an MRI done and i have a torn labrum in my right shoulder and the bicep attachment is messed up as well. Not the worst thing possible if you sit on the couch all day, but not good either if you want to do anything. I can still come and be a cheerleader for Marianne. NO MATT, NOT A YELL LEADER.

    1. Dick D

      But you will be yelling in order to be heard…so in essence you will be a yell leader. Great to hear that we have a new comer to the Aggie Nation. Better late than never I always say.


    Can’t wait! This does look fun! But things don’t ever look as really are so we will see. Either way these Wed off fuel my fire for the next workouts and keep me coming back… Should be nice tho, I had a feeling something with some speed was coming up…see ya Thurs at 630 for those that come.

  3. brad

    Lynn, Judy – great time
    Douglas Duo – even better
    Welcome to Jerry, Jessica, Louie, Allie and Jacob (no way I got all that right) – great effort

    Tim and I, with 30″ box (yeah, that’s right you Dastardly Duo) and wickedly lopsided 20 lb ball …. 11:07

    1. Dick D

      Ah., So the bar has been raised. The Douglas Duo will ask to repeat said performance manana using the new Rx 30″ box. Will youth prevail? Inquiring minds probably don’t really care, but Chris and I shall be a gunnin’ fer ya pilgrim.

      1. Tim M

        Depends on work but I think I can make it!
        So if they’re the Douglas/dastardly/dynamic duo what does that make us; the Muttley brothers? Joker/Riddler? Or maybe just Rabble-Rousers since we’re the ones who stirred all this up!

        Logistically there’s only one 30″ box – we’ll have to improvise, overcome, adapt!

  4. Marianne

    Teamed up with Amy Thursday morning. Used 20″ box and 12# ball with time of 9:32. I liked this WOD but not so much the hand stands

  5. gary

    Teamed up with Jonathon at the 5am. Didn’t quite catch Chris and Old Man (although I’m probably older). Enjoyed this tag team WOD. Time was 9:15m.

  6. laura

    OK I love love loved this workout! It was super fun! and I love love loved doing the handstands-very fun stuff!
    I had an awesome partner too 😉
    our time was 10 min flat 🙂