WOD 09-02-2010

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  1. Lynn

    Sorry this is so long, I was trying to beat Brad at something:)

    Well, it’s been 8 months since I started at CrossFit Silverback and if you would have told me in January that I would still be here in September, I would have told you, you were crazy! I also would of told you I felt healthy and that I was just doing what people my age do, gain weight – fact of life!

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I hurt my shoulder in March and I’m glad because that made me go to the doctor. Until then, I really didn’t realize how unhealthy I really was. I was on the road to cholesterol medicine, blood pressure medicine and diabetes medicine.

    Fast forward a few months and a few WODS and I’m on the right road again! I have lost 25 pounds, gone down 2 sizes, blood pressure is normal, my total cholesterol is down 50 points, bad cholesterol down 35 points, blood sugar has remained the same, yes that’s a bit disappointing, but hopefully that will turn around as well with continued weight lose and diet. I am encouraged!

    First, I have to really thank Zach for encouraging me and always saying “You can do it Mom” and that he loves me even when I cry at CrossFit. And of course my best friend, Jim, who loves less of me today and couldn’t be more supportive. You guys are awesome!

    Thanks Matt for letting me share in your dream of Silverback, everyone knows that without your vision none of us could do what we do at Silverback. I never thought I could dead-lift 165 pounds or push press 75# or even that I knew what either of those things were, it’s awesome! I don’t say much but I appreciate your confidence in me – thank you so much!

    Casey, thanks for your encouragement, I’ve never met anyone so positive. The Paleo challenge really, really helped me. It’s not a diet but pretty much a way of life for me now. I may not always eat the right things but I understand the importance of eating the right things and how it affects my performance and I will continue to strive to reach goals I haven’t set for myself in a long time.

    I know a lot of you have watched me struggle at times and I want to thank each of you for your support & encouragement. Linda, you ran with me, make me laugh, and you always inspire me, thank you. Silverback really is a great community and I couldn’t ask for a better place to workout or better friends to workout with.

    1. Casey

      I am so proud of you! You look amazing and your workouts just keep getting better. You and Jim are really an inspiration to all of us. I remember in January when you just looked frightened every morning, now you have such a confidence when you walk in the door. Keep it up!

    2. Lynn, I remember with crystal clarity your first movement your first day, a box jump of 12 inches with some coaching and some coaxing (Jim’s non-stop “encouragement”) you jumped….and fell. The next part is what I loved. You immediately got up looked at the box and jumped again…and made it. There are some people you have to light a fire under and others who have a fire burning within. I knew right then who Lynn was.

  2. brad

    Lynn – Amazing stuff; very inspirational and motivating. Your progress is quite impressive, in spite of your shoulder problems.

    Quick story (ok, quick by my standards). I remember what I think was your first day at CFSB; at least the first time both of us were there. You had a bit of difficulty with the box jumps. I cringed at the time and thought, “well, that’s one newbie that’s not coming back”. I was so impressed that you were there the next morning, and repeatedly after. Your mental toughness, willingness to stay committed, really made an impression on me. And it was very cool how you, Jim, Zach – and the other regulars who preceded us – quickly became a close knit group. Now the “close knit group” is probably approaching 70 or 80 (more?) people. Awesome stuff.

    You’ll always have my support. Great job.

  3. Linda

    Lynn, this is a such a great post. I remember our first workouts and felt you were a kindred soul. We were moms, we definitely weren’t able to throw down with the others at that time- doing movements that were foreign to us and it was 5am in the morning for gosh sake!
    Remember how nervous we felt waiting our turn at the pull ups for the first 300? We just looked at each other and said “Here we go”. That helped a lot those first few months, having someone to look at before a WOD and mentally say “Here we go”.
    I am impressed with how far you have come and the discipline you have shown in eating right and working out, even with shoulder issues. Here’s to looking Fabulous at your daughter’s wedding and after. I salute you with my biggest …WHO’S THE MAMA!!

  4. drew

    Lynn- Your post is awesome! I have really enjoyed working out with and getting to know your family. You guys are great! If it wasn’t for you guys I probably would have stayed at the lonely 6:00AM time slot and eventually quit. You guys have helped make this a community! I know everyone is very proud of you but I know what it means to Zach and Jim. Thanks for your post Lynn and keep up the good work!

    Casey- I don’t know that the look in Lynns eyes was fear. It could have been “Who gets up this early and the morning and why is it sooo cold! (in January) Maybe thats just what I was thinking in January!

  5. gary

    Oh, how I long for the “Ice Box” once again…..

    ALL of you ladies impress me, especially you, Lynn. Great to see such a tight knit family crossfitting at the Box. You certainly have had a plethora of support, especially from Jim – even if it is him YELLING words of encouragement in your face while you push your body, soul, and mind beyond the limits. You guys are great!

  6. corri

    Lynn, great post!! You are truly an inspiration to me. I know God brought all of us together at the exact season of our lives…we all needed each other. I know I have told both (you and Jim). If it were not for you and the 0500 regulars Bear and I would not still be here. You never give up and your paleo dedication is awesome even if we we’re both focused on beer at our Paleo kick off so much that we walked back in together to ask Casey about it. Sorry we gave you such a hard time Casey. I want some more strawberry dessert.:o). Great job Lynn keep it up.