WOD: 09-03-2010


WOD: 09-03-2010

Not Very Nice

3 Rounds of:

Thruster x 15

Run x 400m

Rest 2 min

Rest 5 min (final 2 min rest is included in the 5)

Then 3 Rounds of :

Hang Power Cleans x 15

Row x 500m

Rest 2 min

5 am comes EEAAARLY

Kevin tearing up the rower

Mac: too soon to quit and too late turn back.

17 Responses

  1. brad

    this is close to the “Whole Nine Yards” on 7/7/10, which did a THR/row, DL/run combination, but each combination was in sequence and only TWO rounds

  2. drew

    I think the name of this WOD is very deceiving. Quite an understatement. Started with the Cleans and the Row Rds: 2:21, 2:12; 2:25. At this point the tank was empty. No I mean it. Not like the light was on and I could go another 10 or 15 miles. There was nothing left! Then went to the Thrusters and Run Rds: 3:3?, 4:31 (yes 4:31!), 3:25. Regarding the last round I think I was happy it was almost over. That was the only one where I was not the last one in. Good group this AM! Good to have Clint from Crossfit Coronado visiting check out his site here http://www.crossfitcoronado.com/. I think he did like 527 pull ups on his first set.

    Brad this is why we don’t post our nightmare WODs because they will show up on the whiteboard!

    Jonathan I hope you are not still trying to recover at the box.

    1. Buckeye76

      Drew, I agree completely with the tank assesment. Round 2 of the 2nd half WOD (thrusters / 400k run) was on fumes. Turned in a time of 3:38 (ugly) Times for the WOD: Cleans / row: 2:37 / 2:33 / 2:39. Thrusters / 400 run: 3:13 / 3:38 / 3:04.

      Nicegame last night The Ohio State Buckeyes 48 / The Thundering Herd 7.

  3. laura

    just when I start to think I’m doing a little better……something like this comes along….didn’t get to finish the workout due to time….I’m working on changing careers and then I’ll be able to make my own schedule…but until then… :/

  4. brad

    Drew and Jim – dang those are fast clean/row times. And thrusters/anything is just plain tough. What were your loads? (I’m hoping light, but Matt does the programming so…)

  5. Marianne

    This one was really hard. I started with the thrusters. Time was 3:05, 3:2?, 3:3?, yes it progresively got a lot worse. Matt, did you know it is really hard to run after thrusters?Did not finish the cleans/row but did 2 rounds with time of 3:3? and 4:39(yes, it was that bad, I will not think about the time possibility of Rd 3)

  6. sleepyjingli

    Ok, I have a stomachache just by reading the WOD, leave alone to conquer it.

    Run and Row? 6 rounds? I am pretty sure this is a punishment for something.

    Need to get busy to find an excuse not to go this afternoon.

    Uhhh, I feel sick….

  7. David segers

    Not sure if my other post worked or not so here is another. Matt, are you going to have fundamentals at 7? Is so, Betsy and I will be there and have a recruit.

  8. Chris Douglas

    Sorry I missed this one. I recently made the decision to join KC’s cross country team, and I’ve been trying to get some mileage in. I’ll try to come when I can!

    Matt- Is there ways to scale so as to avoid killing my legs?

  9. Casey

    A shout out to Julie……..not only did she show up, she brought her A game. Great job!

    I had the privilege of coaching/assisting 3 classes today. I got to see many more athletes than usual and it was just a great reminder of what an incredible community we have at CFSB. So glad I’m a part of it!

  10. brad

    @95 lb
    THR/run 2:29, 2:39, 2:51 (felt like someone was standing on my chest when trying to run after thrusters)
    HPC/row 2:34, 2:37, 2:37

    Casey will tell you I had bad form on the HPCs (guilty as charged), but was going for speed


    Wow this workout really beat me down! Matt helped me on some thruster form but still! Truly was NOT VERY NICE!! I’m hell bent on getting better at the thruster/run combo my gas tank def needs work but I WILL better myself at this. All in all this was a good workout and I pushed hard at the end rowing, I wanted those meters GONE that’s for sure!!