WOD: 09-04-2010 SATURDAY


WOD: 09-04-2010 SATURDAY

9:00 AM – Always a great time when the Silverback Nation gathers,  today was no exception.  Everyone both new and old had their hands full with this one and it was a blast, challenging, but  a blast.

MURPH (Fire Team style)

Athletes are divided into teams of 3,  a mix of ability levels.   Only one athlete performs at a time and can “tag out” at any time.

Run 1 Mile

Pull Ups x 100

Push Ups x 200

Squats x 300

Run x 1 mile

Everybody looks good on mile 1.

Ryan's first workout with the Silverbacks, 14 on his first set. AWESOME.

Brad won't be outdone. (Also the only 2 man team).

Julie "encourages" Steve.

Why does Casey look mad. She hates running AND hates when I take her picture.

Even after that workout there are smiles to go round.

2 Responses

  1. Casey

    Matt, I’m still mad.

    Julie and Steve thanks for running more than me. Julie helped us so much on the pull ups, Steve saved us on push ups and I did my best to make up time on the squats. I think we made a great team. I LOVED this WOD! 29:46

    Gary, Stop letting your wife talk you out of coming on Saturday morning!! Look at what you missed!!!

    Great job Danny, Sivi, Joel, Dan, Jamie, Betsy, David and Tara at Fundamentals this morning.

    Brad got multiple muscle ups this morning too. He’s too humble to post it.


    Sux I missed this but as most know my brother and I usually don’t make Saturday WODs. Also sux we missed the group pic too. I’m sure this was a killer workout too. There will be plenty more, I’m sure Matt will make sure of that Monday at the 8am class