WOD: 09-07-2010


WOD: 09-07-2010



This one dates back to a prep manual for BUD’s course by Lt. Stew Smith USN.  I used it to train for Officer Candidate School over a decade ago (followed by a 3 mile run), but have never done it for time.  Let’s see how everyone adapts to the new speed.

For time:

2 x (Pull ups x 7 – Push Ups x 20)

2 x (Wide Grip PU x 7 – Wide Grip PU x 20)

2 x (Reverse Grip PU x 7 – Diamond PU x 20)

Gary dives right in!

Stephanie and Stacy back in the gym and maybe reconsidering that decision.

Struggle is good.

Chris is still in the single digits on days in the Silverback Nation and still was non-stop motion.

Kevin reflects on the past few minutes.

20 Responses

  1. gary

    Great to see so many people there at the 5am crew (think there was 23 Silverbacks), especially all of the new crew. Keep it up, you’ll be very happy you did.

    FS 225lbs x 3 fairly easy. Ran out of time. Going for min. 245lbs next time.

    Always enjoy the Navy Seal Complex. Doing it for time added a different dimension, since no time to recover between rds. Could have knocked off 5 mins, if kipping was allowed; deadhangs cost me.

  2. Dick D

    See ya tonight! This one should be in my “wheelhouse” although I imagine that Matt has a curve ball coming down the pipe before the WOD. I’ll even do the 3 miler after since I’m on the whole build phase in the running scheme.

  3. Dick D

    Gravy..By the way, Chris started Cross Country at school. He is adjusting to the mileage but credited CF with his performance this morning. When I asked how it went he said, and I quote..”Crossfit paid off!”. “Why” asked the curious and proud father. ” Because we did a mile with 10 push ups at two corners, 10 crunches at two others, and I was the first guy done. Coaches said I seemed to be in top condition. We did a mile after that.” HHHMMMM, Crossfit all summer with limited to no running seems to have helped the young man. Go figure!

    Thanks for pushing him Silverbacks and thanks Matt for the programming, “encouragement”, and an environment that many middle aged men like myself would do anything to have had at his age.

    1. Dick D

      I can go for the vest on the complex if Matt wants me to go heavy. If he wants speed then speed he will get. Ankle weights?…not on your life. Too 70’s, I’m an 80’s kinda guy.

  4. drew

    Sounds like we could make a new hero WOD Matt, incorporating running and seal complex. If you put an 800m at the begining and then after each set might add some interest. Just sayin’

    Time was 10:50. Agree with Gary kipping would have been better. Also agree with Gary re: FS ended up at 225 with much more to give. Should have gone 205-225-245 not 185-205-225. Next time Gary we will do get to 245!

  5. brad

    FS @ 185, 205, 225 (2x). Unlike drew and gary, I had nothing more. My 3rd rep wasn’t deep enough, or I would have had a 3R PR. Dangit.

    wod 11:36

  6. Casey

    FS: 95, 115,135 Started too light, think I could have gotten 145……..next time

    14:29 Didn’t use a band, used a tiny kip to get over the bar, and didn’t go to my knees. This WOD was in my head all day and I’m glad I did it, slow and painful as it may have been.

    Glad Christina decided to show and not stay home to “rest”.

    Good to see Chris, Andy, Jessica and Ally. Great group today!

  7. Jonathan

    Lost a lot more time on the pushups than the pullups. Long arms, skinny chest and chest to deck are a bad combo 120x…. 12:31
    225 3 rep PR on FS


    Fun workout! Wanted to say first: Dick did 24 laps AFTER a bad ass time of 7:29 for the WOD. He had me and my bro Ethan pumped to beat his time. Ethan got 5:51 and I got 5:55…we didn’t run tho. We aren’t that crazy yet lol

  9. Dick D

    FS: 205-215(2)-210(2)

    Complex: 7:29 The last set of pushups was brutal

    3 mile after was a complete slug fest. I completely busted my A$$ on the 23rd lap. Nobody saw me but yes I couldn’t put one stupid foot in front of the other any more (it was a graceful roll however). Walked 30 to 45 seconds each 1/2 mile and changed direction. that wasn’t planned but couldn’t get around it. Maybe next time I can get it without the walks. Finished in 28:30. Without doubt the slowest 3 mile run of my life.


      Still a bad ass bro even if you fell..like ya said nobody saw haha…agreed on the last set of push ups being brutal!!