WOD: 09-08-2010


WOD: 09-08-2010


For time: 

Clean & Jerk x 30 


I always try to get pictures of Jim when we do cleans. He doesn't do the most but his technique is among the best.


Julie has got the form, now we're gonna add some weight.


Kelly continues to rapidly progress


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  1. drew

    Today was interesting. Had a mental block on the cleans and ended up with a 205 1rm which makes no sense at all. Just could not get myself under the bar at 225. 215 was close but I was fatigued.

    For the WOD: I am going to point out that I went light (115lb) shoud have done Rx but was a bit shakey on the trial run jerk. After watching several videos I see for most it is more of a ground to overhead (many do a power clean/push press combo) which is much less taxing (not to mention faster) than a true Clean and Jerk. Time was 2:51.

  2. Buckeye76

    Lynn and Jim Stewart are running the Bearkat Bash. It is against my better judgement to support the “Mother Ship”.

  3. Casey

    Just didn’t have the technique on cleans today. 115 1RM today, previous was 125

    75lb 3:31

    Should have gone heavier. I think this was the perfect WOD for today.

  4. gary

    Drew, by “ground to overhead”, aren’t you describing the “snatch”? Matt, is the power clean/push press combo the same thing as clean and jerk? What is the definition of the “jerk” as part of this power lift? Is it the “scissor” (front and back) done on heavier lifts?

  5. drew

    Gary by groud to overhead I mean by any means neccesary. In the most strict definition (keeping with the spirit of the movement) one rep of a clean and jerk would be a full clean, moving from the ground and catching the weight in the squat. Then moveing into a jerk where you would re-bend your knees to catch the weight or alternatively using the split jerk to get low enough to catch the weight. Where as a push press is a single hip drive without a knee re-bend to catch the weight. Your max jerk should be higher than your push press as the goal is to get under the weight not get the weight overhead. This is my understanding. If this is not correct Matt will you please correct me.

  6. gary

    By the way, we have 4 TVs up here at the office, so if don’t let the football game keep you from coming to the CFSB party on Saturday. And by the way, Ohio St game is before the Alabama game.

  7. Zach

    So since joint CFSB we have done 3 major ‘Girls’; Helen PR by over 2.5 minutes, Fran PR by 1 min (getting close to the elusive under 4min club) and today Grace which I did almost exactly a year ago for the first time as Rx. Met up with Grace again today and PR by a full 95 seconds. This stuff might be working!

    Grace as Rx @ 135# for a time of 2:55

  8. Valerie

    One of my favorite WODs… did as Rx’d 3:45..did this in 05/2010 back East(6:44)…took off 3 minutes… super stoked!!!

  9. Dick D

    SWOD: 165; 185 fail; 175 (not happy at all with this. Keep getting stuck at the bottom)

    WOD: 115 at 3:16

    Awesome work Zach. And Val absolutely tore it up on the cleans.