WOD: 09-15-2010


WOD: 09-15-2010

Double Duty

Row 2k (for time)

Rest 5 min

Navy Seal Pull Up Complex (not for time)

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  1. Buckeye76

    Really enjoyed this WOD. Quick hitting and work you hard. Still enjoy the Navy SEAL complex with the push ups. Rowed the 2K in 8:20.

    What to wish me best friend and bride of 26 years a Happy Anniversary!

      1. Ryan

        Ha Ha Ha! I ate that Gu on the way to work. Just kidding!

        I did google travel WODS and found a cool list of 75 WODS that don’t require equiptment. I think I’m going to do #24 when I’m out of town this weekend:

        5 Rounds for Time:
        Powder Doughnut x3
        Beer x2
        Gu x1

        That, too, is a joke. I seriously did find some great travel WODS.

        Awesome gravatar to follow!!!


  2. drew

    Matt you were spot on this morning same exact time as last 2K row. 7:06.8 today and 7:06.9 on 6/16. Not too happy about that ;-(

    Checked my C2 log on concept2.com and this row puts me at 145 of 489 in my age group and weight class. Very cool online tools there also you might want to check them out.

  3. Tim M

    2k in 7:28

    Bear beat me by 2sec but I think he cheated. I was rowing in a strait line but I think he cut a corner somewhere.

    First time I’ve done Seal Complex in a while. Grip was really going out on the last 2 rounds.

  4. Dick D

    7:44. Not happy with it. It just makes me more determined that’s all. need to drop about 30 sec to be competitive around this place. The ego is a terrible terrible thing sometimes.