WOD: 09-17-2010


WOD: 09-17-2010

Burpees x 3 (Every minute on the minute)

Hang Cleans x 100 (In whatever time is left between Burpees)

Time ends when Athlete reaches the 100 HC reps.

10 Responses

  1. Jessica Ayala

    Awesome job Christine!!! Did my best to stay right behind you. Fell a little behind in reps with you but we finished! 🙂 Great job going heavy!
    55lbs 9:36 time

    I’m paying for it now!

  2. Dick D

    Man do i need to work on clean technique!

    10:2? with 105#, I ended up doing alot of the cleans from the floor and in 1’s and 2’s. the last 25 were a real struggle. The 4 yr old princess really pushed me along at the end. Thanks Cate.

  3. brad

    Strenth – TGU 3,21, w/ 25 kg DB
    Leg press machine, 3×3 (yes, I know. But it’s the heaviest thing I’ve found on this trip. What a moronic contraption)
    Did today’s wod with 20 kg DBs. 15:54. Came so close to tapping out on this one. About the seventh minute, all I got was three burpees for the round. Zero cleans. That’s when I thought, “may not complete this one” but Matt was yelling in my head so I finished. Barely.

    btw – my first experience doing TGU in a hotel. You get some strange looks. The hotel “trainer” even tried to slip one of those plastic faom mats underneath me. Uh, no thanks, pal. A bit too slippery.

    Good luck to the cfsb crew at Metro Dash! Hope to be back Monday.

  4. Christina

    Great job today girlillaz!!! So proud of all of you. So awesome to see ladies getting strong! Thanks for pushing me Jessica. It won’t be long before you pass me up. Keep up the good work! Good job everyone!

  5. valerie

    blahhhh… 9:45 @75lbs… Dick, I was the same way, alot of them I had to take to the ground!! Oh well, ya win some and lose some…