WOD: 09-20-2010


WOD: 09-20-2010

Tabata Deadlift

20 sec work/10 sec rest for 8 rounds

Score is the lowest reps in a single round.

3 weeks to the competition, an arm splint is no reason not to train. VERY SILVERBACK LAURA!!

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  1. Christina

    Enjoyed seeing the 5am crew this morning. It’s been a LONG time. I especially enjoyed meeting our very own CF Cover boy. It’s actually the whole reason we worked out at 5am. The things that get me out of bed in the morning…SAD!

    New Push press PR: 90lbs.
    125 deadlift kicked my butt.
    And did you see that girl named Casey??? Holy cow, she set a new PP PR @ 120lbs!!! Good job young lady! You are my hero!

    1. Casey

      The above post was published without consent, so ignore the bottom portion but please everyone check out the magazine at the gym featuring our very own Dynamic Dentist Ryan Oakley AKA Richard Simmons!! He’ll be holding an autograph session after the Saturday WOD.

  2. Ryan

    Ha! Ha! Casey and Christina, you two are getting the lifesize poster!

    Please everyone note that I am only half as cheesy in real life as I look in that photo.

  3. Dick D

    Please tell me that someone is in the process of writing a race report from Sat. Chris and I both would love to hear about it.

  4. gary

    Liked the 10×1 push press variation. New PR at 175 lbs.

    Just knew I was going to regret my new deadlift PR… Squeezed out 10 reps of 245 lbs in first round and was pushing to get 3 in the last 5 rds. Must have better form though, as I didn’t feel the normal vice-grip tightening around my lower back muscles. Felt good.

    Race sounded challenging but fun. Look forward to hearing more about it. Not looking forward to star-squats.

  5. momsnotfuling

    Ok, good news, bad news kinda workout. Good news, Got 105# over my head for new PR on Push press. Had Corri check my math twice and there were witnesses. Sorry for those of you who were exposed to the “happy dance”.
    Bad news, wished we could drop the lowest number of the tabata rounds or get a “do over” for one of the rounds. Held a solid 6 for 4 rounds, then on round 5 nosedived to a 4! Got back to 5’s for the other rounds and finished on a 6. But I have a 4 with 115#.

    Haven’t been able to say it for a while….but for push press…WHO’S THE MAMA!!
    and for the person at the back of the box who lifted 110# …WHO’S THE MIA!!

  6. Tim M

    165# PP tied my old PR – couldn’t get 170 for anything!
    Did 10DLs on the 1st round and lowest number was 7 (205#)

    For numbers that closely spaced I can’t help wonder if I shouldn’t have gone heavier . . . but 205 is right at 65% of max.

  7. brad

    PP 1RM 195# (PR). Trying to hang with Garrett and Mac will do that
    WOD score of 5 w 235 lbs

    Tough to call who gets the husband/wife award for the day — Linda/Tim or Christina/Gary. Great performances for both camps.

  8. Bear

    Push press 185. 20# better than last time
    WOD 9 in first rnd and 4 was lowest number. Used 255# paying for it this morning. Very sore