WOD: 09-21-2010


WOD: 09-21-2010


AMRAP in 20 min of:

Pull Ups x 5

Push Ups x 10

Squats x 15

The picture isn't blurry, it's just that early.

See, everything is clearer later in the day!

Discipline is doing it right when you think no one is looking (I am always looking, especially at you).

Silverbacks I'd like you to meet Cindy, Cindy meet the Silverbacks.

8 Responses

      1. drew

        I think most of it has to do with DIET. I have not been very strict in the last couple months and have seen my performance suffer. Not on eveything mind you but I have put some weight back on which causes problems in pull-ups and my overall performance has decreased I can tell after the workout. Also, recovery time for me has increased. Sooo when I return from Chicago (not while I am there) I will be back on my diet and then report the difference.

  1. gary

    Maybe we did fewer in the a.m. because we were doing Pullups x 5, Pushups x 10, and Squats x 15. Is Cindy actually PLU x 5, PSU x 6, and Sq x 7? or what we did?

    Couldn’t find last Cindy WOD to check, but hung right behind Drew at 15 1/2 Rds.