WOD: 09-24-2010

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  1. Casey

    Dick and Linda, You guys were awesome this morning. I was the obvious weak link. I just couldn’t get a rhythm and I’m feeling it in my back.

  2. gary

    Dan the Man, Richard Simmons, and I TORE IT UP this morning in a time of 20:24m.

    Although, I found my time intervals were unusually slow. I was just a little distracted by Richard’s tight pink polka dot shorts and his incessant screaming. After a 5k Row, our quads were burning, so instead of stretching, Richard helped us “Walk It Out”.


    1. Casey

      Gary, That is the best post ever!

      Ryan, Your shorts are way too long…… don’t you have any tanks?? Don’t forget the slouch socks. I’m expecting big things on Monday!

  3. Ryan

    I was hoping there wasn’t an unwritten Silverback rule against guys wearing lulu.

    Casey, if I can summon up the courage I will try to deliver an outfit worthy of my (nick)name sake. But ONLY if you and Gary will be there at 5AM on monday. And ONLY if Matt promises not to kill me.

    BTW, Dan and Gary carried me in the row relay. Nice work, men!

    1. Buckeye76

      It is not only a Silverback unwritten / written rule, IT IS A MAN-RULE: NO MAN WEARS lulu period! What is wrong with you man, have you no decency?

  4. Casey

    Ryan, I assure you Gary, Christina and I will all be there Monday at 5AM…………Matt won’t kill you but he might take pictures.

  5. Linda

    Kids think I have lost my mind from laughing at the prior posts. Dick and Casey -didn’t feel like I helped much but usually my times are 2:20 to 2:30, today I was in the 2:03 to 2:05 and just tried to go as long as I could with that intensity. Really pushed myself today. Had noodly legs for a while. Thanks.
    Now how to call in sick at work on Monday so I can see what Ryan shows up in? May just have to do a drive by on my way into work.

  6. Ryan

    Linda, if you are making a special trip I will definitely dress to impress.
    Just so you know, curly wig has already been secured.

  7. Chris Douglas

    Been missing the Silverback nation, but there has been a whole lot of miles put in at cross country. Have no fear, the rabbit will return!

  8. Dick D

    I forsee a really nice Halloween party coming.

    Linda and Casey definitely did more yardage than me today. I was totally “bombed” after about 200m each time. Linda, my legs were way beyond noodley afterward. No matter what position I tried to rest in they all hurt. As has been previously proven rowing is my nemesis and must be overcome.

    See ya Monday Mr. Simmons!

    1. Dick D

      it’s the main site wod. If y’all do and I’m not there I may go into a small depression state. It has been forever since I’ve had the opportunity to do FGB. No idea where I’m at on that one.