WOD: 09-27-2010


WOD: 09-27-2010

“Three round burst”

Three rounds for individual time of:

Thrusters x 15

Run 200m

Rest 1 min

“Bonus Exercise”

Everyone found the warm-up "invigorating"

Trey (in grey) picked a heck of a WOD to introduce "little" brother Corbin.

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    1. Ryan

      Thanks for posting the article Tim. Interesting read.

      Apparently, I’m in better shape than 35% of military recruits. good to know I’m in better shape than somebody.

      P90x is for guys who wear lulu.

  1. Ryan

    Today’s WOD was intense! 75lbs 1:39, 2:10, 2:38. 16 Burpees. Ouch!!! Did pretty well on the deadhang pullups though.

    Appologies to anyone who was disgusted by my outfit!

    Casey and Gary, can you post your photos?

  2. gary

    What a wonderful surprise this morning for the 5am class, as we were graced with the awe inspiring presence of the Fitness Icon “Richard Simmons” and his hyped up banter and words of encouragement. The early morning class was obviously awestruck and dumbfounded by his mere presence…. or, they were completely thrown out of sync by working out to “The Oldies”. Unfortunately, Richard thought he was just a little underdressed, and had to leave a little early. Before he left, I did manage to get one snapshot. Will load as soon as I’m able.

    Must have been inspired, dug deep and posted 1:13, 1:15, and 1:20 at 95lbs, 12 burpee bonus.

  3. Casey

    Ryan did not disappoint this morning! I’m not very tech savvy but I’m going to try and post the pic.

    Hopefully Gary can post his b/c it’s better. Ryan, you are a great sport. I don’t know many people who could carry that off. Thanks for shaking things up around here! I’m sad Jonathan missed it, I know he would have appreciated your efforts!

  4. Jonathan

    somebody load a pic up pls. this must be classic. as an impersonator and no stranger to donning a costume, i look forward to seeing this one.

  5. Jonathan

    in my tiny Geneva hotel room: continuous clock. minute 1–1 pushup and situp, minute 2–2/2, minute 3–3/3, etc. Completed 13 rounds plus 14 pushups and 10 situps. See you 5 AMers on Monday.

  6. Christina

    This WOD stunk! It didn’t look so hard on the board, but I should know by now that looks are deceiving. I did the first round in 1:26, 2nd round 2:18, 3rd round – sat out. My time was only fast the first round due to Tracy nipping at my heels, but then all the energy I had was lost and I couldn’t catch my breath!

  7. Jeremy K

    I feel like I did this wrong. My times were 1:27, 1:29, 1:17. My fastest being a lot faster than my others and my last one. Are we suppose to full sprint all three or just try to survive all three.