WOD 09-28-2010


WOD 09-28-2010

“Fight Gone Tabata”

8 rounds of 20 sec work / 10 sec rest of the following movements:

Wall Ball


Box Jump

Push Press

Row (calories)

Only the lowest scoring round at each station counts.

Zach just making sure that the starbord gun looks good during SDHP.

The "Push Press Crew"...well for 4 minutes anyway.

If we could just get Mac a little more intense.

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  1. gary

    Never ran 1 mile sub-6:00 min. Today ran it in 5:30min with Mac’s help. How in the world does someone run a 4 min solo?

    Sprinting 1/2 a mile to start burned me up. Made me question my WOD mojo yesterday. Fight Gone Tabata with no rest was killer. Lopsided wall-balls are my nemesis.