WOD: 09-29-2010


WOD: 09-29-2010

For time:

KB Swings x 20, 18, 16, 14……..2

Atomic Sit Ups x 2,4,6,8………20


Moving fast, swinging hard. Welcome to 5am in the Silverback Nation.

Ryan quickly adapting to the intensity level.

11 Responses

  1. Dick D

    Enjoyed the split jerks. Not real confident but definitely a good progression/skill day.

    WOD: 7:50 with Drew chasing me down like a crazed Lion after a kill. thanks for the push Drew.

    See y’all friday morning.

  2. gary

    I’ve been looking forward to trying the split jerk. Looks challenging. What weight were you all using?

    Dick, I assume that you used the 80 pounder for the WOD.

  3. Lee Ann

    Enjoyed the WOD today. Time was 7:46 with 35# KB. Liked learning the split jerk need to work on getting underneath the bar more.

  4. brad

    wod 8:27 w 55 KB
    I also enjoyed the new move, the split jerk. Matt’s coaching was superb. Zach’s form impressive. I look forward to taking off the training wheels and giving this sucker a whirl. Balance (one of the GPP), is an issue with me even with relatively light weights (Gary – 50 to 70% BWT for me)

  5. Casey

    7:30 35lb kb

    Bear it was so good to see you!

    Anna, Judy, Claudia and Stephanie, You guys are STRONG!! Way to push yourselves out of your comfort zone. Really proud of you!

  6. gary

    Enjoyed learning the Split Jerk. Balanced split is key – keep feet wide of centerline. Bear and I were working on form, and there’s Casey, showing us up with heavy weights. Always inspiring.

    8:38m with 53lb KB. Just couldn’t break sub-8.

    Good to see Ryan reaching beyond the comfort zone and actually sweating. “Sweat Silverback” style carries a whole lot more meaning than “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”.