WOD: 10-01-2010

9 Responses

  1. drew

    Although I was not feeling well this morning I had a decent day. New DL 3RM of 425. That is a 50lb PR (8/13 375).

    Did WOD with 95lbs in 4:50.

  2. Christina

    Ok, I dragged my butt to the box and I was glad I did. I did the WOD in 6:26 or something like that, but Tracy and Judi both beat me…whose fast now? Good job girls!
    So good to see all of you this morning. This whole “work” thing is interfering with my workout schedule!
    I love you Gary! When are we going on a date? By the way, Casey told me about this sale at GAP so I went and got a couple of things, the workout clothes were way cheaper than lulu – i know you’ll be happy about that!

    1. Casey

      Gap Body was the place to be today. Tracey and I had a dressing room cat fight over a purple tank………she won.

  3. Jessica Ayala

    I agree with Christina on the whole work schedule…Its been crazy…Did the work out here at work. Added 10 lbs to my clean! 🙂 Time was 7:15

  4. Dick D

    SWOD: 385 x 3 on last rd. previous 1 rm was 395. pretty sure that one is long gone.

    WOD: #95 and 4:50. Drew was killing the cleans and I had to really go on the pushups. Fun morning but damn I’m tired after that 3x.