WOD: 10-04-2010


WOD: 10-04-2010

“Bear Burnout” he”s back, he’s bad and he’s mad.

As many reps as possible of the following movemnts:

Deadlift x 5 minĀ 

Hang Power Cleans x 4 min

Front Squats x 3 min

Push Press x 2 min

Back Squats x 1 minĀ 

1 min rest between rounds

7 Responses

  1. Casey

    Love, love, love this version of the Bear. I definitely went too light but that was part of the fun I guess. I can’t remember for certain but it was something like this:

    DL – 140
    HPC – 64
    FS – 47
    PP – 29
    BS – 38

    Props to Ryan for wearing his Lulu proud this AM. And to Jonathan for mixing things up this morning facing the crowd………sorry Jim…….I think I caused you to lose a few reps. I never, ever, ever regret showing up at 5AM. Thanks guys.

    1. Ryan

      Lulu is in for Silverback men this season. Trust me.

      Jonanthan, I haven’t had anyone make me a mix tape since the 6th grade. That really meant alot.

      Power to the 5 AM-ers.

  2. gary

    What did you base your weight on for this one?! I assume same weight for each round?

    Please don’t tell me that Ryan showed up in Lulu cropped tights.

    Matt, kudos to Casey. 10pm last night, Christina was chasing Casey around Starbucks trying to get a glimpse at the WOD for today (or maybe it was the other way around). Anyway, Casey wouldn’t spill the beans, even though my wife can be very persuasive. Now, we’re all restricted to “drive-through” status.

    1. Casey

      Gary, Matt said to go with your Bear weight from 9/22. However, 55lb felt good that day and today it was too light. For reference Jonathan did 95 and Drew did 115, I think.

  3. brad

    Casey – you are pathologically masochistic. There was nothing to love about this wod. Well, maybe you two possibilities…one, Matt calling “time” at the end of the BS (for which I was extremely grateful), and, possibly, two, some inherent realization that this does make me stronger (or in my age bracket, prevents me from becoming less weak).

    ain’t proud, but w 105
    DL 115
    HPC 35
    FS 32
    PP 21
    BS 20

  4. Christina

    All I wanted to do was beat Casey’s deadlift score and I did: 162 reps @ 55lbs. She scored higher in all other categories, but I had a goal and I achieved it! Love you Casey! Hey can I borrow your new purple wristband?

  5. Dick D

    AM did CFEndurance run: Rx 4x5min run maintaining maximum possible distance. I however, opted to modify. Ended up like such:

    3 x 3:45 @ .9K
    1 x 4:40 @ 1.1K

    easy job and ultimate stretch (while watching Ryder Cup) for warmup and cooldown.

    PM: Bear Burnout @ 95#

    DL = 134
    Hang Clean = 53
    Fr Squat = 36
    Push Press = 33
    Back Squat = 24

    Glad I chose the 95# increment! I need major work in the Hang Clean. That for sure was the limiting factor.