WOD: 10-06-2010


WOD: 10-06-2010

“EVA by half”

For time 5 rounds of the following movements:

Run 400m

KB Swing x 15

Pull Ups x 15

Tire tennis

What's the matter Steve? You look a little nervous.


I got to spend some time with the Girl-rillas at 8:30, THEY ROCKED!

Poor camera skills failed to capture that nearly every one of Anna's reps were chest to bar. VERY GIRL-RILLA.

14 Responses

  1. Joel

    Someone once told me if you have to swallow a frog, do it early in the morning. At 6:00 am i was pretty sure that Eva eats flies and breathes thru her eyelids.

    it wasnt pretty (it never is), i finished dead last, had to end the pullups on the rings, and was lapped by everyone on the run, but with Matt’s encouragement and thoughts of Sivi finishing and me not, I finished damnit!


    115# on thrusters

  2. drew

    Props to Jonathan who muredered this WOD and finished way ahead of me. Good job to Gary also who went for the jugular when I slowed down on Round 4. It was a painful WOD 22:26 or something like that. The 12 hour turnaround was rough!

    Thruster was 3 x 175

    1. Jonathan

      Thanks, Drew, but props go to Brad. He passed me on the last set of pullups. My pullup tank ran out of gas and was doing sets of 2. 20:04

  3. brad

    19:53. I like Eva a heck of a lot more scaled than rx’d. A 55 lb KB is a downright joy.

    Thruster 3RM @ 165

    Is anyone else’s lower body completely shot? That rest day tomorrow is much needed.

  4. Sivi

    Eva ate my lunch today!! Very tough WOD for us non-runners. My time was 24:23. A little discouraging but at least I made it.

    Dan was THE MAN today! Awesome job knocking out the WOD!

    Lynne did a great job, too!

    Like Brad, I am thankful for the day of rest tomorrow.

  5. dan

    Thanks for the encouraging words, Sivi! I think I just wanted to get it over with so badly! Zach’s persistent encouragement helped as well.


  6. Tim M

    Never could have done it this fast if Ethan & I weren’t flat-out racing for the 1st two rounds. Good high-intensity WOD, I liked it!

  7. Dick D

    Thursday morning 5am, 2.5 cups of coffee, 50’ish degrees, good crew = priceless.

    Thruster 3 RM=175#
    Half Eva w 55# KB = 16:59 (if I could just freakin run during the last 3 rds!! Geez I was sloshing through wet cement)

    Ryan = great tire flippin partner. that woke the legs up for sure.

    Admittedly the day of rest on Wednesday helped my efforts today. You folks that did this Wed (and with 12hr turn around from tues simply ROCK’d it.

    Now I’ve got to muster the energy to spread more compost in the yard, get in my endurance WOD and then get my rear to my real job.

    See ya Monday.

  8. Ryan

    Dick and I flipped tires like it was our job (I still prefer flipping cup). Unfortunately, I had no gas left for my girl Eva. 45#KB. 22:55.

    Dick, thanks for the technique advice and encouragement in the thruster. 145#.

  9. momsnotfuling

    Wow, Congrats Dick! Worked out on Wed am. Started with 75# on thruster failed at 85# and finished with 80#(am still confounded when I can’t get that extra five pounds). Have discovered that I cannot count to the number five and will have to watch some more sesame street. Maybe grover or the count will be my new gravatar. Finished all five rounds in under 25 minutes. Happy to just have finished.