WOD: 10-07-2010


WOD: 10-07-2010

“Eva by half”: For those of you new to the Silverback Nation we believe that your rest is every bit as important as your work and nutrition.  Because we insist you to bring the very highest levels of intensity we also insist that you work no more than three consecutive days and facilitate this by repeating our Wed and Thurs workouts.  This way everyone benefits from a rest day, staying on the same page training and flexibility for your personal schedule.


You gotta love Thursday 5am. They have a day to know whats coming and they still roll out of the rack at 4:30 and attack it. VERY SILVERBACK!

Why does Dick look a little spent? He's the first Silverback to go sub 17:00 on the WOD and that was after he and Ryan teamed up to set the new high on Tire Tennis at 61. WOW!

3 Responses

  1. gary

    There’s something to be said for rolling out of bed when you know what’s coming – mental prep and gut check before you leave the driveway. Something all together different shuffling in at 5am and getting slapped up side the head, and rolled out of the top bunk, to find yourself laying on the floor wondering – “What the heck just happened?”

  2. gary

    Great job, Dick! Way to kill it.

    Can’t say that I really enjoyed my blind date with Eva’s half sister. Kind of a brute. She socked me in the gut on the 3rd run and taunted me the rest of the way. She wasn’t being kind to Drew either, so I had to pass him somewhere along the path. If your being chased by a bear, you just have to be able to run faster than the next guy.

    Not the kind of girl I would ever bring home to Momma. I’d hate to meet Eva.

  3. Corri

    outstanding Dick, you are amazing. I had no energy yesterday and i started sneezing as soon as i left the box last night and have not stopped.