WOD: 10-12-2010


WOD: 10-12-2010

For time 21-15-9 of:


Box Jumps

5 am we had a communication breakdown on the trainers side.  Our deepest appologies, we promise to work you twice as hard tomorrow morning.

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  1. Ryan

    No box, no problem. Jim and Jonathan quickly took charge and got things going. Here’s what we did (someone correct my numbers if they are off):

    2x 400M run followed by 20 airsquats and 15 pushups

    Teams of 3 sprint relay. Each team member sprints down and back and at the end of each sprint the team does 10 push ups (then squats, the situps). So, everyone did 3 sprints, 30 push ups, 30 squats, 30 situps.

    Jonathan’s hotel room WOD (illegal in 28 states): 1 push up and 1 situp in 1 minute, 2 pushups and 2 situps the next minute, 3 pushups and 3 situps the next minute…most people made it to 12 minutes (I cashed out after 10).

    It was awesome that, instead of heading home or to starbucks, all of the 5am-ers decided to stick around and rock the parking lot. Good stuff and thanks to Jim and Jonathan!

  2. Casey

    I think it says a lot about our community that you guys stayed and worked out together. It was my mistake. I never wrote it down that I was filling in and COMPLETELY forgot. I am sincerely sorry. Nice to see Jonathan and Jim step up, however, I do take issue with Jim’s sexist scaling. Perhaps he should start adding 5-10 reps in his workout since he’s so manly 😉

  3. Ryan

    No worries Casey! You are still da bomb! That’s right, you’re so awesome I had to go back to the mid 90s to find words to describe it.

  4. Tim M

    Ring Dips were 10-5-4
    Did the WOD in 7:21 using 135# BUT, I did HPC’s instead of full cleans due to a knee problem.