WOD: 10-14- 2010

8 Responses

  1. Tim M

    Love the Seal Complex!

    Did the WOD in 11:42.

    I think I’d like to try full-JERRY some day – it’d be a real axx kicker!

    1. Ryan

      We’d have to come up with a mile route for the full Jerry. I think I’d go bananas if I had to do 8 laps around the building.

  2. gary

    One thing I really enjoy about Crossfit Silverback is that it definitely is not monotonous – like working out at the gym. I liked the change of pace with the run/row/run WOD. Outside of Dick lapping me, I felt pretty good, except for my legs forgetting how to run after the 1k row. 12:41m.

    So, Dick, did you beat Tim and your time from yesterday?

    1. Tim M

      Dick did the workout this morning; <12hrs after doing it last night? He was commenting yesterday about having 'tired legs' – guess he got over that!

  3. drew

    2 of my many weaknesses rope and run! Today was not my day! Only did 15 burpees that is a record low. That means I probably jumped rope for over 2 minutes. Very exciting.

    Props to Dick for the 12 hour turnaround. He beat his time and then sat around and sipped his coffee until we were done. I thought my time was 12:45 but I know Gary beat me by quite a bit.

  4. Dick D

    I went back again this morning out of necessity. If I ever want to get to my potential I’ve got to really sacrifice in order to get my 3 on / 1 off.

    Last night I did the complex with the vest (did first set without and then changed my mind) and it really sucked the go juice out of me. (probably didn’t help that I only ate lunch in the airport) Time 11:53? or 11:56?

    This morning after slightly better nutrition and no vest I managed an 11:30. The dang rower is truly my nemesis. when I get off that thing it takes me at least 1 if not 2 laps to get my legs going. Thanks for the critique on the form Drew. I’ll practice in private and hopefully it will show come WOD time.

  5. brad

    Not being there is killing me. Can’t find a rower anywhere on the road

    So did a Dick dreadmill run yesterday. Then a “jonathan” – 17:00 plus situps and 9 pushups. I like that one